Monday, November 3, 2008

Zuma Dogg Presents: Z.A.P. (Zuma's Action Plan)

Here's something I submitted to The Voice newspaper in case I made the deadline for the next issue:

ZUMA'S ACTION PLAN (Z.A.P.) CITIZEN'S ALERT: Take Back The City Next March!

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

Thank you to Carlos Morales for the opportunity to address the readers of The Voice newspaper. Many of you know "Zuma Dogg" from the past two and a half years as a public comment speaker at the Los Angeles City Council meetings as seen on City TV 35. Or maybe you have read my blog (LA Daily, seen "Zuma Dogg" YouTube videos or heard me on one of the AM Talk Radio stations.

First of all, since this is for The Voice newspaper covering the El Sereno, Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights area; I want to let all the readers know that your area of CD 14 has been (by far) the biggest guiding force of knowledge and information (mentoring) during my time as a blogger/"activist" and y'all are the most aware and active in the City based on my City Hall experience.

And Carlos and The Voice has been such a big part of helping galvanize the community over some key issues over the past year that REALLY made a difference at the end of the day.

So thank you for everything, and now it is time to take all of this frenetic activist energy and focus it toward on massive effort to help all of us, "TAKE BACK THE CITY!"

Now that the Presidential elections are behind us, it is time to focus on the upcoming Mayoral and City Council elections in March 2009. I have started my own community group called Z.A.P. (Zuma's Action Plan). I want to work with everyone in the community, across all the other groups like SLAP, Neighborhood Council participants, and concerned residents to help un-seat incumbent Councilmembers, replace the mayor with "Anyone But Antonio" and help push for the people's choice regarding City Attorney and City Controller.

Zuma Dogg feels all the ZAPPERS and SLAPPERS and NC MEMBERS across the City can make a difference in the next election. It will take a focused effort of everyone putting a lot of other side issues on the back-burner to make this happen. Hate to say it. From what I learned as a radio market research director and marketing strategy can't have it all. We are up against BIG campaign machines with BIG money. My only concern is that people will want to "focus" on seven or eight important issues.

SORRY KIDDIES! I may be right, or I may be wrong...but my belief is, if you want to really "ROCK THE LA VOTE" next March...we all have to unite into "campaign mode" and put a lot of other things on the back-burner, JUST LIKE VILLARAIGOSA AND ALL THE INCUMBENTS WILL BE DOING!

I REALLY DO THINK WE CAN DO IT -- OR I WOULDN'T EVEN TRY. But it's no slam dunk, and I think the key is "focus". (And that's a tough thing to do with a room full of activists.)

If you can help us accomplish this goal, email, include your phone number if you want me to call you back, and I'll tell you where the next Z.A.P., SLAP or Neighborhood Council meeting will be regarding this movement.

And go to to see videos of all the candidates we are backing and more fun videos from recent events in CD 14 with Zuma Dogg.


FRIDAY NIGHTS @ 7PM: Stop by for the next Zuma Dogg Open Mic DOGG HOUSE Party at Casa Princesa (ZAP Headquarters) at 4527 York Blvd, just off Eagle Rock Blvd. We can talk strategy and action for the March Mayoral/City Council elections. PLUS, KARAOKE, Open Mic, Acoustic Performers AND YOU CAN MAKE A YouTube VIDEO ON THE NICE CASA PRINCESA SOUNDSTAGE!

SATURDAY MORNINGS AT 9AM: Stop by Casa Princesa for Zuma's Z.A.P. Action meeting and make a YouTube video with Zuma Dogg.

Zuma Dogg

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