Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another LA City Blogger Weighs In On "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" and Shady LA City Hall

Here's an interesting take from another Los Angeles City blogger. Check out the original post here.

Other blogs in Los Angeles

I came upon this blog by someone else in Los Angeles, a man I have seen down at City Hall and he is running for mayor. http://zumadoggformayor.blogspot.com/

This is interesting to see a citizen run for a position in politics without a full scale political machine behind him. I am not sure what chance he has of winning but I like his determination albeit I think City of Los Angeles is not fair game, there is so much of fighting at City Hall and with the cities semi autonomous agencies of the DWP, the ports (air and sea), and the CRA.

I remember the first time I went to City Hall to watch and listen to a City Council meeting and I stayed through to the very end and I was stunned to see City Hall fighting City Hall. I walked away from that shaking my head and pondered on the new meaning of why "you cannot fight City Hall".

Apparently that would be redundant, City Hall fights itself and the battles between City Hall and the semi autonomous 4 agencies, is, in short, overwhelming to even follow.

Zuma Dogg though, seems to have devoted his life to doing this - he tries to hold our elected politicians to account, but so much seems to slip and slide through the massive multi layer bureaucracy.


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