Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green Dot's Ben Austin Fails To Qualify For LAUSD District 4 Election (VOTE FOR BILL RING!)

Ben Austin, who worked for Steve Barr's Green Dot Charter as an operative (and former mentor to Michael Trujillo from the Rob Reiner days) DID NOT qualify for the ballot in the LAUSD District 4 election to replace the outgoing Marlene Canter . ZD endorses Bill Ring, anyway, so this is really good news. This is hilarious! For all of Steve Barr's organizational infrastructure, I can't believe he couldn't get his homeboy Ben the lousy 500 signatures. People like Eli Broad and Bill Gate throw Steve Barr's Green Dot TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, but they couldn't get the signatures?. (Bill Gates has donated $10 million, himself.) HEY BEN...ZUMA DOGG GOT 1000 SIGNATURES HIMSELF! I guess the Green Dot supporters didn't really want it bad enough. MORE ON BILL RING TO COME. ZUMA DOGG's Z.A.P. (Zuma's Action Plan) HIGHLY endorses him for LAUSD District 4.

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