Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kevin Roderick of LA Observed: Once a crybaby-loser, always a crybaby loser

I guess the LA Weekly article about the end of public access TV was a little more than a chronic-crybaby-loser like Kevin Roderdick can take. Say what you want about this week's LA Weekly article, ""Shutting Down Public Access TV" -- one thing you CANNOT possible call this, is a "puff piece." I think the only thing "puffy" is up Kevin's ass.

From LA Observed: "LA Weekly runs a puff piece on City Hall gadfly and candidate Zuma Dogg, the paper's past freelancer."

(At least that agendized, nuetered, mayoral lap dog linked to the actual story, where people will see he is nothing but a sour grapes loser.)

After reading Kevin's comment about it being a "puff piece," Mayor Sam's Michael Higby wonders if Kevin even read the article beyond the initial ZD part?

[Note: CLICK HERE for details on Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam's HOLIDAY EVENT Friday 12/12 at Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock at 4527 York Blvd., just one tenth of a mile south of Eagle Rock Blvd., across from Sparkletts at 7pm.]

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