Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wants To Know: What's Important To YOU, Sucker? (He Really Wants To Know, Please Don't Let Him Down)

L.A.'s official photo-op mascot, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa really, really, really wants to know what YOU think. He won't even listen to his own City advisers, but I'm sure he gives a hoot what YOU think:

Los Angeles City Budget. What's Important To You?

Los Angeles City is facing major financial challenges over the next few years that will affect many facets of each of our lives. Mayor Villaraigosa and other City leaders are asking for your input on the performance and necessity of the services provided by the City and to help them place priorities on the levels to maintain.

Mayor Villaraigosa
and City Leaders are conducting an online survey, and all stakeholders are encouraged to take this survey to convey your concerns regarding the priorities City leaders should establish when developing the City's budget.

Mayor Villaraigosa:

"Fellow Angeleno Suckers:

The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles is given the responsibility by the City Charter to develop a budget plan that must be presented for City Council consideration by April 20th of each year...

Given these daunting challenges, it is important to hear from community members about their budget priorities and their thoughts regarding the City’s revenues and expenditures. I urge you to participate by completing the budget survey. Your participation will help ensure that budget priorities encompass the most pressing needs of our City."

The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles City Leaders encourage every stakeholder to take a few minutes out of their day to take this very important survey and voice your concerns to help your elected leaders make these difficult decisions.

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