Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet Zuma Dogg at the Mid-Town Neighborhood Council Meeting on Wednesday Night

Wednesday, December 10th at 6:30pm is your chance to be a part of history, as you can meet an actual canidate for mayor in the March 2009 Los Angeles election, MC Zuma Dogg. The general consenus, on the street, is that the incumbant mayor is going to win, but Zuma Dogg is the only other ("big") name citywide; so the media might have some fun while ZD hammers home to issues. (Sorry, not everyone listens to AM talk radio...there is life BEYOND talk radio, and unless they listen to Doug McIntyre or Kevin James, they DO NOT know who Walter is.) And with Villar, who knows what could happen? Look what just happened with the governor of Illinois. So, you just could be meeting the next mayor of Los Angeles!

But really, all of the pomp and circumstance is just another way of saying, "Stakeholders in the Mid-Town area...try and stop by the Neighborhood Council meeting, cause there are BIG things to talk about. And Zuma Dogg will have handmade campaign signs for you to take with you. AND I HEARD THERE IS FREE FOOD Y'ALL!

So try and bring people, cause I'm excited to hit the Mid-Town area and see what's up. (Hope I
don't recognize any staff members from City Hall.

MID-TOWN NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL (MTNHNC) REGULAR MEETING: Wednesday December 10, 2008 – 6:30 PM Sendak Elementary School 11414 Tiara St. North Hollywood, California 91606. It's near corner of Lankershim and Oxnard. About one block south of Oxnard St. and 1.5 block east of Lankershim.

FRIDAY NIGHT REMINDER: This Friday, December 12th, at 7pm, is the "Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam Holiday Party" at Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock (4527 York Blvd.). $10 food buffet, .99 cent Toy Zone (to buy a gift and donate it to "Toys for Tots"), Karaoke, Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, lots of other guests...and ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR campaign signs. Should be extra fun. A lot of people have told me they are coming by. And you can bring a campaign contibution for a handmade Zuma Dogg T-Shirt.

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