Monday, December 8, 2008

Zuma Dogg Asks Bloggers And Community Leaders To Unite Toward One Impactful Action, Starting...NOW! (Plus Video of ENTIRE SLAP Meeting!)

SATURDAY’S SLAP MEETING: I went to my second SLAP (Saving Los Angeles Project) meeting, this past Saturday, headed by former Daily News Editor Ron Kaye. Last month, the meeting was under-attended, due to at least two other major meetings also held that day. (Like the DWP Oversight Committee meeting that was attended by a lot of people who would have otherwise been at SLAP.)

This month, there were about 28 people in attendance. The good thing about SLAP is that it is comprised of community leaders from across the City of Los Angeles, many of whom also participate in Neighborhood Council and other community groups. So if nothing else, they can go back to their community groups and help spread the word of the SLAP agenda/issues.

But the problem is, when you get so many leaders in a room from across the City, and no ONE person is in charge of taking charge and focusing things down to one or two ACTIONS to actually get something done…it’s a lot of re-capping the last meeting – and trying to decide what to do next and we're still waiting for something to actually happen…and a lot of people are getting weary of the lack of tangible action. AND THEN, you have to wait another 30 days (until the next meeting) to follow-up on last month. As someone who likes the concept of SLAP and see great potential, I would like to see SLAP do more in between meetings; perhaps with email blasts, conference calls, and video conferences to keep the momentum going between meetings.

ENTIRE SLAP MEETING (Zuma Address Crowd WITHOUT Glasses at 34 minutes)

I just called Michael “Mayor Sam” Higby and mentioned that if Zuma’s “LA Daily Blog” and his “Mayor Sam’s” blog, worked in conjunction with Ron Kaye’s SLAP (, the effort (of the community/bloggers taking back the city from corrupt politicians), the movement would gain much more momentum. Michael liked the idea and agreed. (In the record industry, when three radio stations are playing the same record, the record takes off on the charts much more quickly.)

ZUMA & MAYOR SAM’S HOLIDAY PARTY THIS FRIDAY AT CASA PRINCESA: I know Ron likes to keep his SLAP separate from Zuma Dogg, and don’t think he really wants to join forces with ZD and Mayor Sam for events like this, but THIS FRIDAY, is the Zuma Dogg (LA Daily Blog) and Mayor Sam (Michael Higby) HOLIDAY PARTY at the world famous Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock, CA. A lot of people who participate in SLAP also know ZD and read Mayor Sam (it’s the same crowd for the most part), so maybe some SLAPPERS can hold an un-official gathering at the event Friday Night (7pm) to kick things around and kick around some ideas to bring to next month’s meeting. CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS.

ZUMA’S IDEA FOR A THREE-WAY BLOG ATTACK ON FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSE AND MISREPRESENTATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS AND SPIRIT: I would like to see a “motion” drafted, then circulated as a petition, that addresses some specific concerns that hopefully we would all agree on. For example:

As the people of Los Angeles are concerned about the fraud, waste and abuse by elected members of City Hall…

A) FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS THROUGH NON-PROFITS: Before the City of Los Angeles hand over Federal and State money to non-profits, to provide services in the community, a non-profit will be audited, before money is handed over, to help insure as much of the money makes it into the community, instead of into the hands of political cronies. Because then, the mayor and city council come back and raise your fees and place new taxes on the ballot, to help pay for the problem that they just wasted all the money for.

Higby came up of the idea of “planning” and how things pop up by the City looking the other way (to paraphrase Michael). So perhaps something like this;

B) BILLBOARDS IN VIOLATION OF PLANNING: We the people demand that the City of Los Angeles enforce their own laws regarding zoning and planning issues that have allowed flashing digital billboards and many other billboards to pop up in areas in which they were never intended. The reason many of these billboards HAVE popped up is because of shady deals with the City Attorney’s office and turning a blind eye. Zuma’s new motto is, “Exemptions should be an exception, not everyday reception!” (Exemptions and variances are the rule of thumb, not the exception.)

C) Email with your ideas for the motion and I will try and put something together and then, all the blog readers from Mayor Sam, SLAP and ZAP (Zuma’s Action Plan) can circulate this motion as a petition throughout the city, then present it to city council during a meeting.

The challenge will be to create something that almost everyone will feel good about and want to circulate. YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE, BECAUSE THIS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INCLUDE EVERY ISSUE IN THE CITY. This is supposed to be for the big picture issues regarding the way Villaraiogsa and City Council do not represent the interest of the community, but the interest of the privileged cronies and special interests. I think we can draft something most everyone agrees with. And then those who do, can circulate.


VILLARAIGOSA USED COLLEGE STUDENTS (INCLUDING BURBANK) TO GATHER SIGNATURES FOR HIS PETITION: Someone contacted Zuma Dogg from the Highland Park area saying that a college student (who lived in Burbank) was gathering signatures for Villaraiogsa’s “candidate for mayor” petition, in exchange for college credit at East Los Angeles Community College.

This female college student knocked on this person’s door at around 8:30pm. The person who contacted me was concerned for the girl’s safety, since she was all by herself at night in an area that has had some problems. (Not the safest idea.) But if you are getting college credit to gather the signatures, I guess you are willing to take the risk.

Meanwhile, what a pussy of a coward the mayor is, over all of this. For all of his money and organizations behind him, he has to go have college kids gather the signatures for him, in exchange for college credit. But this shouldn’t surprise you. The mayor uses “his people” from CD 14 and CD 1 like human props to get the money for the community from the government. Except the community doesn’t see the money. Villar’s cronies and associates do.

What happened to you Antonio? Everyone says you were a real, "bro" and good guy before you took office. (Hope ZD doesn't change!) Someone must have reached in and stolen your soul.

Look at the way you use “your people” in CD 14 and CD 1 as human props to get the Federal and State money, then you hand it off to your cronies and the community who believed in you never sees it. I HOPE SLAP, ZAP, AND MAYOR SAM CAN WAKE A FEW PEOPLE UP AND OPEN THEIR EYES.

I was at the Highland Park Holiday Parade, yesterday. Zuma Dogg is always concerned about the REAL corruption and racketeering that goes on under Villaraiogsa. But to your average former Villar supporter in CD 1 or CD 14…he’s just a plain embarrassment. They don’t know about all the stuff ZD is most concerned about. They just had high hopes for him, and he totally let them down and has just become a joke of and embarrassment. The whole Mirthala thing triggered it all. Then the “photo op” attacks in the media. And the 11% story in LA Weekly. And the “pothole” stuff. And they are just embarrassed by him. But Zuma Dogg thinks they have much more reason to be concerned than just the fact that the mayor is a jack-ass mascot puppet like Mickey Mouse walking around Disneyland. But that’s what the past two and a half years of blogging have been about.

ED REYES PULLS A POWER TRIP AT HIGHLAND PARK HOLIDAY PARADE: Looks like Ed Reyes didn't win over any voters at Sunday's Highland Park Holiday Parade (Aka: Zuma Dogg For Mayor Campagin Kickoff Parade.) It was reported back to Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg that CD 1 Councilmember Ed Reyes was heard "bullying" the community members (VOLUNTEERS) who were working at the parade. Apparently, Reyes didn't like being kept around waiting, further back in the parade route, and wanted to be bumped up to the front of the parade so he wouldn't have to wait. He was heard reminding people that he could have the parade shut down. It didn't work though, because the event volunteers did not rearrange the kids and other community members who were a part of the parade, just to bump the career politician to the front of the line. SHAME ON YOU ED "DUMMY" REYES.

STOP BY CASA PRINCESA THIS FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th at 7PM FOR THE MAYOR SAM & ZUMA DOGG HOLIDAY PARTY. Try and send out emails to as many people inviting them. And although this is a fun, holiday party (including $10 food buffet, karaoke, music, and guests); you know when you get all us bloggers in the roon, we ain't talking about the Lakers. So we can look at the petition draft and maybe people can take copies with them. I just think one SLAP meeting a month isn't gonna get the job done between now and the March elections.

Casa Princesa - 7pm
4527 York Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA
(Just one-tenth of a mile east of Eagle Rock Blvd. DIRECTLY across the street from the Sparkletts factory. And the Casa Princesa installed a new sign on the building, so it will be easy to find.)

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