Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Zuma Dogg For Mayor" Campaign Update For Sunday, December, 14, 2009: WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO TAKE BACK THE CITY

Have you heard that new song by the group Snow Patrol called, "Take Back The City"? The song's only alright, but it's cool that there is a major radio song called "Take Back The City."

Anyway, there's only about three months until the March 3, 2009 Los Angeles general election for Mayor, City Attorney, City Controller and a few City Council seats.

Zuma Dogg had the Holiday event at Casa Princesa last week, and SLAP had their meeting a week, or two ago...and there is always the activist inclination to try and get a bunch of people into a room to move things forward.

And a lot of people, who would otherwise like to attend many of these events can't always make it. And in a city as geographically large and spread out as Los Angeles is, it's never convenient for most of the people in the city, no matter what location you pick.

And although I will be running all over the city attending Neighborhood Council and other community group events throughout the City, and will try to participate in existing events, I'm not going to keep trying to get everyone from all over the place in the same place at the same time because it's not the most efficient method for 2009.

Why not...

INTERNET, remember?

Last time there was a mayoral election, no one even knew what YouTube was. No one heard of MySpace yet. Many of you didn't even have email accounts.

This election, things are different. So Zuma Dogg isn't going to ask for your attendance, but for your "email blast" support.

If anyone has posted all the videos on YouTube and all the blog posts you could possibly want to read, it's Big ZD from the 213.

Many of you have hundreds or several hundred email contacts in your address book.

SUPPORT ZUMA DOGG, not with money, or having to show up for meetings, but by taking my blog posts and sending them to your email contacts via blast.

I have set up a new blog called where you can go to find good articles by ZD, Zuma Dogg press and YouTube videos -- THEN, you can copy the thread link and send it out via email blast.

ALSO, you can send the actual threads on my LA Daily Blog and Zuma Dogg For Mayor blog by clicking the little envelope icon on the bottom right corner of each thread, and you can enter in up to ten emails at a time.

THE OTHER THING YOU CAN DO, is what ZD does: Find the thread you want to send out; right click, highlight and scroll over the entire thread (including any pictures and videos); copy it; then paste it right into an email, then blast it.

So either copy and paste link to the thread or threads you like; email your friends directly (ten at a time) on the blog post itself by click on the envelope icon; or copy and paste the entire thread (or threads) into an email and send.

Many of you may already have some posts you like from LA Daily Blog that you want to send out, but to keep it simple for everyone, go to and see the first couple posts.

SUMMARY: Zuma Dogg has a bunch of people who are reaching out and will help with some grassroots campaigning as referred to in my previous post. So I will let them handle a lot of the stuff that would require a lot of you to show up at organized meetings. SO ALL ZUMA DOGG IS ASKING OF YOU IS TO START EMAILING OUT TO YOUR FRIENDS VIA EMAIL, THE THREADS THAT I HAVE ALREADY POSTED AND WILL CONTINUE TO POST AT . PLEASE SEND OUT THE FIRST EMAIL BLAST, RIGHT NOW AND SEE IF WE CAN ROCK IT! And put me ( in your blast so I can 'em all!!!

TAKE BACK THE CITY (Zuma Dogg's YouTube page. Email some videos, too.)

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