Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gil Cedillo loses Labor Endorsement to Villaraigosa-backed State Senate Candidate

I heard Gil Cedillo State Senate candidacy was rocked when his labor union support went to the Antonio-supported candidate Carol Liu.

Here's what happened:

Remember when Villaraigosa's cousing John Perez was running for Assembly? Villar offered the Cedillo-backed candidate (Augusto, his former aide) a commissioner appointment to drop out of the race.

Well, the union now sees that as a sign of weakness of Cedillo's part (that Antonio knocked out Cedillo's candidate so easily).

So although Gil thought the unions would NEVER turn on him after his lifetime of support to them, they did.

So to the people who are scared Antonio is running away with the City and State...HE IS!

THIS IS THE PROBLEM...Villaraigosa is selling out the city with these commissioner appointments. These people are not being appointed because of their experience in the department. But because the mayor needs to use them to help maintain power and help him with his Gubenetorial bid as soon as this mayoral election is over.

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