Friday, January 16, 2009

San Pedro Blogger Ponders on Who To Vote For In Los Angeles

Excerpt from "San Pedro Issues To Ponder" Blog:

Now pondering on who should be the Mayor of Los Angeles, I have been
battling my own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

Antonio Villaraigosa spends about 11% of his 'work' day on city business. This has been written about and is backed by public information and records.

I think the current Mayor of Los Angeles is the only person in L. A.
Government who is more into photo opportunities that a certain very local Councilperson.

I haven't been able to find anything real or important that Tony Villar has accomplished with the exception of promoting more taxes for you and me.

The list of candidates is not all that long. It seems nobody is willing to give any of the other candidates any real chance at sending Tony packing and seeking another cozy job.

There is Walter Moore, but I think he is ignorant of the issues in OUR
community and he is not written about very well, by others.

And then there is David Saltsburg. You may not know that name but you
probably know him by the name he uses, Zuma Dogg:

For the office of Mayor of the city of Los Angeles, I don't think you could do any better than electing Zuma Dogg for that office.

It would be better than allowing Tony Villar (Antonio Villaraigosa) a second term.

Los Angeles has the City Council that makes the laws and (sort of) runs the city. The office of Mayor has become completely ceremonial because of Tony's inaction's, photo ops, glad-handing, and attempts to gain higher attention in the national media.

Zuma Dogg doesn't pull any punches when he tells you what he thinks
and he carries around a video camera to make sure you see him in action.

Now I do not believe Zuma should be without medication for long periods of time, but that is probably true for Tony as well.

Zuma would bring more national spotlights onto L. A. and laughter counts in some of the spotlights.

L. A. needs all the attention it can get right now. We do not have any rivers where a large plane can land safely and we don't have a Wall Street crumbling down.

The election of Zuma Dogg might create so much discussion that something actually gets done in the city.

I don't think that Zuma Dogg could do any more damage than Tony has
done. Zuma seems to look out for the less fortunate and people who don't necessarily donate to his election campaign.

So in closing,

Zuma Dogg for Mayor

Noel Weiss for City Attorney

Posted by M Richards at 9:49 AM

[ZD: M Richards...WOW! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Kinda makes it all worth it!]

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