Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg Breaks News Of Santa Monica Airport Plane Crash (See KNBC 4 11 O'clock News)

Tune into KNBC 11 O'clock news tonight for video shot by Zuma Dogg and a follow up interview regarding the plane that crashed upon take-off today at Santa Monica Airport.

Zuma Dogg was driving to Venice, down Ocean Park Blvd., and saw a nice park and decided to get out of the traffic for a moment and enjoy the nice warm, sunny day in January.

The park is right next to the airport, and you can hear the planes taking-off and landing.

You kinda notice them in the background, but don't think about it. But, I heard the engine cut out on one of them, all of the sudden, and thought to myself, "That can't be good?" And sure enough, a second later, "BOOM!!!" So then everybody turns and runs to the fence that leads right up the the runway, and I ran to get my camera.

Just as I approached the fence, the thick black smoke intensified and then, just a couple minutes later the fire department arrived on the scene.

I called KFI and told them about the crash, and they used a soundbite of "ZD" on the news with Terry Ray Elmer. I tried calling KABC news, too, but you can't get through to the newsroom on the voice mail option.

Then, I called, KNBC 4 News, and they were interested in the video I shot, and sent a truck over to the scene. It was an exciting blogger's moment, cause the KNBC newstruck uploaded the video footage right off my camera, and onto their computer, just like I always do. No secert magic tricks.

Then, famous reporter Patrick Healy interviewed me on camera for some details. I had on my ZD trademark hat and sunglasses for the interview, but decided, since this was a plane crash, it was probably slightly better to do the interview without the hat and glasses. I took off the hat and glasses for the KNBC crew, and it was obvious the reaction WITHOUT was WAY better.

So watch for video from the Zuma Cam on KNBC 11 O'clock news.

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