Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zuma Dogg To Appear on ABC News NIGHTLINE, Wed. Jan. 16th at 11:35pm (ABC Television Network)

It was the dream scenario Zuma Dogg has dreamed about since taking on Villaraigosa and his lapdog City Council almost three years ago...DRAGGING THE NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA INSIDE LOS ANGELES CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS TO EXPOSE ALL THE FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE THAT GOES DOWN ON A DAILY BASIS UNDER ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA'S CITY HALL.

So here's a video someone inside City Hall put together that documents some of the reality when Zuma Dogg dragged the ABC News NIGHTLINE camera crew into Los Angeles City Hall chambers and rambled off a couple really good rants, on camera.

Thanks to Eric Garcetti and the other City Councilosers that will be featured as Zuma Dogg's "B Roll" for the segment. THANKS FOR BEING MY "B Roll." Maybe they'll cover you for something someday. (Besides ethics violations.)

NEW DATE: THE SEGMENT IS SCHEDULED TO AIR WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16th, at 11:35pm on the ABC television network, all across the United States of America and across the world, internationally.

Zuma Dogg Arrives at City Council Meeting With ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE Camera Crew

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