Monday, February 9, 2009

Daily News & Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Council To Co-Host Mayoral Forum THIS SUNDAY

Dear Zuma Dogg,

The Daily News and the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils are co-hosting a mayoral forum on Sunday, Feb. 15, at 4 p.m. and would like you to participate. All 10 of the candidates are being invited to address the public gathering.

The forum will be held in on the grounds of the CBS studios in Studio City and will last for approximately 90 minutes. It will be moderated by the executive editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, Carolina Garcia. Each candidate will have a total of at least 8 minutes (depending on the amount of participants) to speak directly to the crowd and answer questions. Please note that this is not a debate, but a forum to answer questions on policy, plans, qualifications, etc.

Los Angeles Daily News

So, common out to the forum and hear Zuma Dogg answer the questions with specific solutions based on my 14 point plan and hear Walter Moore show up to keep reading off the same list of problems with Villaraigosa and more fear-based rhetoric.

I think the people know about the mayor, with less than a month left to go, I would still like to know what Walter PLANS on doing as mayor, besides complain and whine about Villaraigosa. ONCE YOU ACTUALLY BECOME MAYOR, YOU HAVE TO BE A DECISIVE ACTION TAKER...YOU CANNOT RUN THE CITY BY SIMPLY LISTING THE PROBLEMS/COMPLAINING.

I challenge all people to start paying attention to the questions being asked during these forums, and then pay attention to the actual words being spoken by the candiates. DID they answer the question being asked, or did they provide a stock answer that had nothing to do with the actual question. Are you hearing a solution, or just a listing of the problems with Villaraigosa. I was SO un-impressed by the answers I heard from Walter Moore at the Holman canidate forum on Saturday. I mean, COMPLETELY 100% unimpressed.

I haven't said anything much about Walter, cause I haven't seen him as a mayoral candidate in action...but for all his Ivy League education, I didn't hear much in the way of actual knowledge. If you like what you heard from Walter, and do not see him as nothing but a niched, fear-based, rhetoric spitting, stand up comedian...VOTE FOR HIM, PLEASE! I need some of the other candidates to to get votes, too, to force a run-off.

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