Monday, February 23, 2009

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Update: David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg (Vote March 3, 2009)

LOS ANGELES CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR DAVID SALTSBURG (Aka: Zuma Dogg) HAS A TRIUMPHANT INTERVIEW WITH BILL HANDEL ON KFI AM 640: I walked into Bill Handel's studio at KFI AM 640 and declared, "This is a historic moment for Los Angeles City elections, because if everyone listening to the Bill Handel show on KFI, right now, who already knows 'Zuma Dogg' and what he stands for and would vote for him, shows up and votes on Tuesday March 3rd, Mayor Villaraigosa will lose and Zuma Dogg will be the next mayor of Los Angeles."

And whether or not that is actually the case will remain to be seen, but I feel that way because Bill Handel not only has the biggest AM talk radio audience in the Los Angeles area; but has the biggest radio audience in the city, period (sorry Big Boy and Ryan Seacrest) and when you combine that with the type of listener Bill has (likely, informed voters)...Zuma Dogg not only just reached his biggest audience, was probably the audience LEAST familar with ZD, already.

And Bill is not joke or push-over. Walter Moore was on this morning, and it was pretty chilly in the studio, and Bill didn't sound too enthused or impressed with Walter. So as ZD was listening, ready to go into the studio, to tape the segment for upcoming playback on his show, I was thinking, "Well this ain't going to be some 'smooth sailing' free ride. If anyone is going to poke hole in Zuma Dogg, and not buy any of the hype, it's gonna be Bill.

So I knew it could easily go south and end it for me. However, I feel comfortable and confident when it comes to talking about this stuff, and I felt Bill would give me a fair shake, but he could have just, "poo poohed" the whole thing and minimized me.

As I was introduced on the air, I asked Bill if he had any level of awareness on "Zuma Dogg," and whether he did, or not, he gave a good reply to set the tone for the audience by saying that he had no level of awareness on ZD, as most of the listeners hadn't. (Which was a good way to start.)

And through the course of the interview, Bill did challenge me on what I said, and I think I won him over on my follow-up replies and made it to the next round, including address my professional and living circumstances.

It felt good, as I was going through the questions, and at one point, regarding my low-income status, I had to kick into a little more aggressive "Zuma Dogg" mode and stick up for myself for the people like Bill who have no idea who I was. And it came off well, I think, cause Bill added that I was in a nice suit and looked clean shaven (no evidence of the harsh street conditions I have been operating under).

But the dream come true happened when Bill was wrapping up the segment and said, "I'd sooner vote for you than Villaraigosa."


He added, "Not that I have made a decision yet, (and repeated) but I'd just as soon vote for you as Villaraiogsa."

So what more could I have hoped for out of the guy known for fast-paced, walk in as an un-known and walk out having him say that in the wrap-up. He sure as HELL didn't say that to Walter. And Bill actually said, "We'll have you back on the show" at the end. So whether or not that happens, a comment like that makes me feel that Bill felt it was a good segment and I made it onto his radar.

And because of the kind of guy Bill is, and the kind of audience he could have been a the pivitol moment in L.A. election history that I claim it could be.

DAILY NEWS EXLUDES "ZUMA DOGG" IN THEIR COVERAGE OF S-T MAYORAL CANIDATE FORUM WHILE REOPORTING ON ALL OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE, AND EVEN EVEYONE NOT IN ATTENDANCE: ZD not as thrilled with the Daily Snooze. Excuse me. I would like to let the Daily News readers and residents of Sunland_tujunga to know that Zuma Dogg was indeed at the debate that is mentioned in this story.

For whatever reason, they mentioned the four other candidates in attendance, and took column space to mention who was NOT there, but my attendance was not noted at all.

Meanwhile, you got to read a bunch of candidate complain that the mayor isn't debating him and criticizing the mayor, and the reader hasn't learned a thing about issues.

But yes, Zuma Dogg was at the debate, too. But I must have been wearing my Harry Potter "Cloak of Invisibility." Maybe Daily "Smooth Sailing" News is seeing something they don't like regarding the rise of Zuma Dogg's number's, while their boy, Antonio Viagraosa is sinking faster than an anvil.

And the newspapers wonder why their readership is dwindling, while people are flocking to my blog and are rallying behind me.

Or maybe the newspaper that printed a front page Sunday headline about Villaraigosa's first term called, "Smooth Sailing" (LMFAO) had to do whatever possible to prevent the people's champ from toppling their political ally. (And any newspaper that published a headline, "Smooth Sailing" refering to Villar's first term, is obviously a political ally. Do you think any credible, impartial reporter would call Antonio Villaraiogsa's first term and current standing as mayor, "Smooth Sailing?" Yeah, right!

STREET-HASSLE/MAILANDER'S COVERAGE OF MAYORAL FORUM: Candidates present are Walter Moore, Phil Jennerjahn, Zuma Dogg, Craig X. Rubin, and David Hernandez. Panelists are street-hassle's Debbie Lopez and LA Weekly's Jill Stewart. The moderator is Ron Kaye, today looking a lot like Gwen Ifill. Notes follow.

In opening statements, Zuma Dogg tells his story of how he came to City Hall three years ago and why he was called to action. He sees City Hall a "racketeering factory." Mentions W. Edwards Deming as playing an inspirational role to him. Says Dr. Deming's fourteen points message is getting out, and it's helpful to address the nearly immeasurable waste in the City.

NOTES FROM LA COVERAGE (SOLOMON WOLFSON'S BLOG): The debate in S-T...Michael Higby and Joe Barrett pulled it off, glitch-free. The candidates were passionate, articulate, and entertaining — and each refreshingly rough around the edges. Zuma Dogg identified LAUSD as the city's number one problem — an assessment I share. Short answers aren't ZD's specialty, but he can explicate a shady racket like none other.
THIS WEEK: Zuma Dogg on Bill Handel KFI (broadcast of interview just mentioned above), Zuma Dogg in Los Angeles Times with five answers to five questions, KABC 7 Eyewitness News on Tuesday, USC TV and newspaper coverage, Zuma Dogg with Doug McIntyre on KABC the night before the election (March 2nd) -- and whatever else pops up between now and next election Tuesday.

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