Monday, February 9, 2009

Please Stop Crying That Villaraigosa Will Not Debate His Challengers...SO WHAT!

The debate about the lack of debate is sucking all the media attention and discussion away from real issues. PLEASE STOP CRYING THAT THE MAYOR WILL NOT DEBATE THE CHALLENGERS.

Everyone already knows what the mayor has done and he tells you what he plans on doing. At this point, I'm sure most people have already decided whether they are going to vote for him, or not.

So the decision making process UNDECIDED voters are going through now, is which of the other candidates they want to vote for, if they want to vote against Villaraiogsa.

All of this hoopla and radio ranting about VIllaraigosa not debating challengers is a bunch of cry-baby loser, non-reality, waste of time. And if you look at Sun Tzu's "Art of War" strategy, the Loser Mayor, is actually using the right strategy by sitting out of the debates, like it or not.

All you are doing is turing this mayoral election into more, "Lipstick on a pig" non-sense.

Look how these niche AM radio talk show host cry that the LA Times and Daily News are not mentioning Walter Moore enough, but these non-democratic wackos do not mention any other candidate besides Moore. So they are doing exactly what they are complaining about. LOL!

I hate to break it to you, but if you are judging whether you think a candidate's platform should be discussed on your airwaves based on the amount of money they raised, well I cannot think of anything more UN-Democratic. If you are basisng your decision as to who to discuss, based on money, then why not just elect a mayor based on the person who raises the most money?

Radio talk show hosts are not limited to the rules of the "matching fund" city qualification. Who are they kidding.

And I hate to break it to you, there were other candidates who did not raise as much money as Mr. Moore that gave far more impressive and insightful answers at the Holman debate this past Saturday.

So meanwhile, LA Times will be publishing answers to questions from all the mayoral candidates, so that is a newspaper version of a fourm. So kudos to LA Times for publishing other canidates responses besides the candidate who rasised enough money for matching funds.

And now, the Los Angeles Daily News has announced they will be holding a mayoral candidate forum this Sunday and all the candidates are invited.

Good Day L.A is having the candidates on for segments. Zuma Dogg will be appearing this Friday in the 7am and 9am hours.

So I hope everyone who is judging the mayoral election based on which challenger has raised the most money realized how un-democratic and laughable they are actually being.

I have been featured on ABC News Nightline (Nationally), LA Times, Daily News, LA Weekly, KNBC 4 News , Fox 11 News and Good Day L.A. (coming up) and am included in LA TImes and Daily News upcoming forums. But Kevin James and Doug McIntrye have thrown all of my efforts over the past three years, 100% completely under the bus to the point where Doug has relegated my efforts to his five minute interview that he is giving every candidate and Kevin James is completely scared to put me on the air to discuss the real problems as I have done on his show for years. What a dis-service Krybaby Kevin has really done to the democratic process. Kevin's just a clown trying to grab ratings and if you listen to Kevin it's apparent he's a hot air wacko..but Doug, we have a mutual friend who said to me last week, "Doug knows better" (that to be campaigning the way he is for a Wacko.)

So please stop crying that the mayor isn't debating Walter and hiding behind the "matching funds debate" as your standard in which you based your democratic procees.

See you at the polls on March 3rd all you rable-rousing, crybaby-loser Wackos.

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