Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg Applies Deming 14 Points To LA City Library Computer Access

It's the little things that reminds Zuma Dogg why as mayor of Los Angeles he will be hanging up Deming's 14 points in a big frame in his office.

I am at the library to use the computer internet access. There are thirteen computers, but five of them are in "lock-down" (reservation hold mode) for fifteen mintues of the hour.

People can book computer time, two days in advance. Well on the day Zuma Dogg happens to be here, five computers are being "reserved" and people are lining up waiting to use computers, are logging on, and being kicked off.

Here's what's happening: If you try to log on to a computer that is being "reserved," you cannot log on with less than five minutes to go before the next reservation. (So 4:59 seconds worth of 5:00 minutes.)

Then, the computer reservation is held for TEN MINUTES. So that's one second short of FIFTEEN MINUTES that five of thirteen computers cannot and are not being used. (And if you do log on five minutes before the next reservation, then you still only have five minutes to use the computer.)

All of this causes backlog and log jam (especially on the 15 minute computer that I am now using.)

Now without going into the details of how to resolve this problem, let me just say, that there is no good reason why five of thirteen computers are not being used for fifteen minutes of the hour. But I can tell you the reason it IS happening is because you have not seen the 14 points hanging up inside city hall, yet.

And it's also the reason all of those left hand turn signal "auto-sensors" that are installed under the street not only do not work properly, but is the CAUSE of traffic gridlock and unsafe intersections for drivers and pedestrians all across the city.

Do a search of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his 14 points. My interpretation of these 14 points has been published internationally including a letter of praise from Deming, himself. UNTIL THESE 14 POINTS ARE IMPLEMENTED BY CITY HALL UNDER WHOEVER IS MAYOR, THE CITY WILL CONTINUE TO FLOUNDER AND TRIP ALL OVER ITSELF AND INSTALL AUTO SENSORS ALL ACROSS THE CITY THAT ONLY MAKES TRAFFIC WORSE, AND IT GOES DOWNHILL FROM THERE.

HEY, to all of you snobby people with your nose up in the air at Zuma Dogg because he doesn't wear a suit and tie...ASK WHATEVER CANDIDATE YOU SUPPORT WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT ACTUALLY OPERATING THE CITY UNDER THESE BUDGET CRISIS CIRCUMSTANCES. If they don't know Deming, your candidate is a joke of a clown in my book.

THE CITY WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL MISERABLY UNTIL THESE 14 POINTS ARE EMBRACED. So laugh and be a snob all you want about Zuma Dogg for Mayor. If you are supporting someone else, based on money or attire, YOU are the joker, my friend.

Zuma Dogg For

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