Monday, February 9, 2009

Zuma Dogg Needs EMERGENCY PayPal Bail-out If You Care About Him Personally

Welp, all it takes is one person to promise that they are going to PayPal a donation to Zuma's LA Daily Blog for services rendered, that ended up not being able to figure out how to use PayPal, that has sent Zuma Dogg's life into the danger zone.

I don't care how hard you think times are...please paypal me something RIGHT AWAY.

And to people who make comments about things like the color of my shirt, or condition of my shoes when you see me at a for the person with the nicest suit...DO NOT base your vote on the words that are being spoken. MAKE SURE you base your vote on things like shirt color and shoes.

And if more than one candidate is wearing a nice suit and nice shoes, then vote for the candiate who can spit back the same fear based rhetoric and the candidate who can list the same old problems with the mayor, over and over again...without offering any actual solutions or methods to fix the problem.

I think what people should look for in a mayor is who is wearing the nicest suit and can spit out the most fear-based, empty rhetoric where you simply list problems. THAT IS SO EASY! I can't believe I've been trying to campaign the hard way...

By showing up and actually answering the questions with actual solutions to the problems.

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