Friday, February 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Weekend Blog Fundraiser (FINAL PAYPAL ALERT THIS MAYORAL SEASON!)

Alright, it's the homestretch with the election for Los Angeles mayor this TUESDAY (March 3rd).

As we speak, I am once again at the $0.00 level, and I would really like to hit the final events this weekend and make it to the Doug McIntyre KABC 790 event at the Sheraton near the airport on Monday night, too for the live broadcast that I have been invited to attend, along with the rest of the candidates.

AND IT'S THE WEEKEND...I'VE HAD A REALLY LONG DAY THIS YEAR (yes, it's been like one long day...including attending just about every council meeting this year), THAT IS WRAPPING UP ON TUESDAY...and I'd just like to be able to wake up and carry on through the weekend in a little bit of comfort (less uncomfortableness).

THEN, ZD can turn into a pumpkin on March 3rd, and I'll never put up a PayPal alert again.

SO PLEASE, be a part of history...and please participate in the FINAL, Zuma Dogg PayPal alert to help him carry on through the weekend.


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