Sunday, March 22, 2009

NEW: Zuma Dogg Embedded Pop-up PUBLIC COMMENT Player -- and Zuma Dogg Saturday Night (LIVE) Update

NEW FEATURE: Now, you can click on each link and go directly to Zuma Dogg's "public comment" for the agenda item without having to search or sit through the whole long meeting.

City Council Meeting - Friday
03/20/09 - 02h 54m

PUBLIC COMMENT: Zuma Dogg on Venice Beach stabbing and the city's role in the matter...."

ITEM 19: Zuma Dogg's NEW #1 SHADY-CORRUPT ISSUE: Villaraigosa's Affordable Housing Racket (Hotels Units Counted as Affordable Housing and pawned off on Barack Obama for Federal HUD Money)...."

ITEM 24: Zuma Dogg on MTA Board Attempting to Kick Villaraigosa off the Board: AND HE WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR...LOL!...."

ITEM 26: Zuma Dogg on "Special Event Fee Waivers" As Covered on

Will be posting more of this at

IT NEVER FAILS: All of the most viewed posts on the blog this week are all stuff from the mayoral campain. All the "David 'Zuma Dogg' Saltsburg" mayoral campaign blog posts including stuff like my LA Times answers. Go figure! So the good news is, it appears as though Zuma Dogg's mission was accomplished of raising awarness of the "fraud, waste and abuse" at L.A. City Hall, and even though the election is over and the other candidates are back to life, ZD's "Anti-Antonio Awarness" campaign lives on, and with my new Zuma Times blog debuting at #12 this week, looks as though I'm getting as much traffic as during the election cycle itself!!! Triumphant victoriousness, y'all.

ZUMA DOGG AT NBC BURBANK STUDIOS FOR BARACK OBAMA TAILGATE PARTY: Hoping to be able to get on a computer long enough to be able to post all the video from Zuma Dogg's appearance on the sidewalk in front of the Tonight Show to greet the fans who were there to greet (more like protest) Obama. It was hilarious because there were all these plain clothes, undercover secret service people all over the place, but the cops weren't sure who they were, so you had people shouting back and forth, "No, he's with us!" Or, "He's secrect service." And I mean screaming it across the street. A lot of good it does. It was like "The Truman Show." WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE ZUMA DOGG & THE NATIVE AMERICAN GUY! (National shows, get ready!) MEANWHILE, ZUMA DOGG HAD A LITTLE SCUFFLE WITH ONE OF THE NBC CAMERA CREWMEMBERS. AND WHEN I SAY "SCUFFLE" -- I MEAN HE SCUFFLED ME! And then the other crew guy had to go and be a big-mouth, tough-guy, threating thug on top of it. So Zuma Dogg promptly showed the Burbank police the footage, and names were taken. Zuma Dogg is trying to rectify the situation with NBC management to avoid further police action. Still waiting to for some more follow-up. BUT ZUMA DOGG CAN ASSURE ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, THERE WILL BE A DR. DEMING STYLE TRAINING SESSION DELIVERED TO THE CAMERA CREW OF NBC TO INSURE THAT MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE NOT ASSAULTED BY THEIR STAFFERS ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK. More including the video coming soon, I hope.

MEETINGS ARE FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED TO HAVE THEM: You may have read this week on my blog that one of the Venice Beach performers was stabbed by another performer over space. Zuma Dogg feels this happened because the city scaled back on the amount of performer spaces as mandated by a Federal judge, so I wanted to have a meeting with the mayor and councilmember to make sure they were aware of the situation and taking measures to fix the situation pronto! But then, people say, "Oh Zuma, the mayor isn't going to meet with you after all the mean stuff you say about him..." AND THEY ARE RIGHT. But it doesn't matter, because here is the good thing about being Zuma Dogg...I DON'T NEED A MEETING TO HAVE MY VOICE HEARD AND HAVE THIS SITUATION INVESTIGATED AND SOLVED, WITH THE QUICKNESS!! After the round of voicemails and conversations I had with city hall staffers, the blogging and City TV 35 public comments, the last thing I think that is needed is a meeting. It wasn't easy getting to this point, but I am quite certain that the city is sh*tting high-density bricks, right now; that they are fully looking into this; and trying to figure out how they can cover their tracks as quickly as possible, which in this case is doing nothting other than what Zuma Dogg and a Federal judge has been telling them all along. But now, it's just gonna cost the city a couple million dollars more to make the same thing happen.


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