Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks to everyone who voted! A MESSAGE UPDATE FROM "ZUMA DOGG"

UPDATE: WITH 46,000 VOTES STILL TO BE COUNTED, ZUMA DOGG WILL END UP WITH ABOUT 10,000 VOTES. So basically, Villaragiosa pissed me off, and I vote against him 10,000 times!!! Don't piss me off!

My comment, "I basically delivered a "sold-out" Barry Manilow to the polls to vote against Antonio" got big laughs from council today at the meeting in Van Nuys.

Thanks to everyone who I have spoken with over the past three years at City Hall and around the community. I gave it my all over the past three years. Unfortunately, with only 3.4 % of the vote going to "Zuma Dogg" -- that is not nearly enough support to have him continue to show up at city hall to fight on the behalf of others. So I think I have finally broken the spell and hopefully you won't see me around City Hall that much anymore. Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem. And now, a song for the public advocate Zuma Dogg who just wasted the past three years of his life sleeping in his car, and fighting for other people's rights...It's Soul to Soul, and "Back To Life."

Thank you again, and please remove my phone number from your address book. The three year free show is over, kiddies. I gotta get my life back on track and deal with the wreckage of my life that I have left behind as I kept on the blinders and ran with the bridge burning behind me.

So again...please understand that I am trying to get back to a real life, and if I am still spending time returning everyone's phone calls, then that is not getting back to life. I did my time...I put in my service at city hall and in the I'll catch up with all of y'all later. ZD


Oops. Remember people...Zuma Dogg has the thickest skin in human or dog history, believe it or not (and most of you CAN believe it), so when I wanted to come in third with 5% or more of the vote -- and I came in fourth with less than that...I was more focused on that part, rather than the fact that a regular guy off the streets, with $0.00 spent per vote, came in 4th out of ten. And there are alot of people who want to try and make me feel good about the achievement and all...BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT FEELING WARM AND FUZZY AND WALKING AROUND SAYING, "YEA! I ran for mayor one time and got 8000 VOTES" like Melrose Larry Green. I have already been living with the fact that I am the famous icon "Zuma Dogg" in the City of L.A. So I don't need to feel good about how many votes I got...I was disappointed with the low voter turn out and a low total, just like the Villaraigosa and Walter wish they got more votes.


I feel great. I'm here to stay. but there was a measure on the ballot: Do you want
Zuma Dogg to continue to be your watchdogg? 5% needed to pass. It only got 3.4%. Sorry.

The problem is people didn't go out to vote. So I will talk about stuff that is personal to me, but I'm not going to bang my head against the wall, every meeting for three years, if fools aren't gonna show up. It's great that i came in fourth, with no money, when people had money, and party endorsements, and fliers...and ZD still beat most of 'em.

Garcetti thought it was great that I came in fourth. And it is. But I get upset when Prop S phone tax type stuff gets passed, and I complain that people didn't show up enough to vote against it, so they get what they deserve. So I know people think it is amazing that a homeless guy who didn't even have enough money to drive around the city to shake hands, let alone pass out fliers came in fourth; but I feel when all the "odds against me" talk is evaluated, 5% was the number to keep ZD showing up for free, banging my head against the podium for the benefit of everyone else but ZD.

I DO FEEL GREAT! I HAVE BENEFITED TREMENDOUSLY OUT OF ALL OF THIS, AS HAS THE ENTIRE FIRST AMENDMENT/ACTIVIST MOVEMENT. I said all along, no matter what the outcome of the election, I had a chance to get my message of fraud, waste and abuse (corruption) out to the masses and introduce Deming's 14 points to a whole new audience: And at the end of this whole election cycle, a whole new stratosphere of people know about "Zuma Dogg" and what he has been doing in the City of Los Angeles over the past eight years on public access TV making people feel good and three years as the most consistent and most buzzed-about private individual in the history of this most historic city.

And all of those professional video appearances from Fox 11, KABC, KNBC, ABC News Nightline and all the other media appearances are on the internet for more people to see for years to come. Today, while KFI was talking about me, KABC was talking about me. And people like Jillian Barbierie on Fox Good Day LA now know Zuma Dogg along with hundreds of thousands of more people.

So after living three years worth of "Groundhog's Day" (waking up and somehow finding myself at that damn public comment podium, one more time) -- the wrap up of this election has, for now, allows me to feel like "Groundhog's Day" is over, and although ZD will not be able to walk away from himself, and feels he has a bright future in the City of Los Angeles, in some capacity...the low voter turn out has allowed me to wake up, for the first time in three years, and feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life, instead of just the continuation (or repeat) of one long three-year day.


And I must say, although it is always mentioned how I stick up for the everyday people and show up at the council meetings fighting for others who cannot attend and all that stuff..

At this point, I must let everyone know, that at a personal level, I have benefited tremendously from this entire process of meeting each and every person who I have met over the past three years. My life is changed forever. I have a huge, diverse group of all new people in my life who are my friends and have my back and support me.

I've said all along, ZD strolled into council chambers because council needed the
"Zuma Dogg treatment" -- but people may not know how much I needed an
intervention of my own. And I needed it so badly, that it took thousands of people throughout the community in city council chambers, emails, phone calls and people on the streets throughout the city for my version of Dicken's "A Chirstmas Carol" (but I was more like Bill Murray in "Scrooged").

And to those who worry about me during my hard times, although everyone reading this is blessed in their life, in their own way (ways); I truly do feel like the cat who swallowed the canary, because I truly do feel like the most fortunate and most blessed person in the entire city and entire world, to be quite honest, because every day, from the time I wake up, to the time I finally go to sleep at night, I am treated to a wave of smiles from people who are so happy even just to see walking quickly down the sidewalk, as they smile and turn their head and give me a shout-out; all throughout the day.

People cannot wait to stop me to tell me how much I have made them laugh, or how much they appreciate my day in and day out efforts at city hall as a "watch

And a lot of people in this Hollywood city get that (TO SOME EXTENT), but it is always so sweet for me, cause there are no agents, producers, political parties, special interest money, or even gas money behind it all. So that's the main reason the comments are so rewarding to me.

So although my initial take on the vote was that not enough people showed up to vote, like I am always saying after these elections:

A private citizen, who didn't spend one penny on his campaign, who was a complete unknown three years ago at city hall, and didn't have any backing, or fliers or a thing...put his name on the ballot and came in fourth out of ten people who had money, endorsements and party backing and were going home and sleeping in their beds at the end of the day.

So all I can say, is I feel great about the past three years and this past election
cycle, and I feel like I can finally move on and try and take things to the next level, which as of today, I already am working on.

So the Zuma Dogg "fraud, waste and abuse" ticker-tape of activism, showing up
to each meeting, commenting on agenda items throughout the meeting are OVER, because they HAVE to be over...

And it's taken three years to get me to the point I have been waiting for my whole feel like a PART of the people...instead of the emotionally frozen and silent outsider that I used to be. (I made Jack Weiss look like Tom LaBong at a football rally.)

Thanks to everyone who was part of the intervention!


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