Monday, March 2, 2009

Zuma Dogg is running for Mayor and tomorrow is the day to vote him in,

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Zuma Dogg runs for Mayor
March 2, 2009

Zuma Dogg is running for Mayor and tomorrow is the day to vote him in, though I know here in Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley you are not voting tomorrow but if you have a heart and you care about your community you too will find why Zuma Dogg is interesting.

He’s saying that special interest are running how the city council is run in L.A., developers tell council how to run their city etc.

I’ve said it before we need a Zuma Dogg in Santa Clara - and though we don’t have all the problems that L.A. is experiencing you just can’t help but listening to Zuma ‘David Saltsburg’ and not hear someone underneath it all that is concerned about your average Joe. Maybe he should be talking to McCain as well!??

I guess our Zuma Dogg here in Santa Clara is Kevin Park who has been an underdog and an advocate for many of the residents in Santa Clara who have complaints against, the council, the commissions and the planners of this city. Certainly in these times the average person who lives in a city is the underdog, we the people are often forgotten when decisions are being made in ‘our best interest’. I feel like a five year old, all over again.

Is it in my best interest that we allow homes with 10×12 backyards, is it in my best interest that we still have an El Camino that looks like we are living in the 50’s, is it in my best interest that we continue to have developers do deals with the city in my best interest?

Anyway bottom line if you know someone in L.A. remind them tomorrow is an election and the man to consider for the race is Zuma “David Saltsburg” Dogg! Go Zuma.

And remember to support Kevin Park when he asks for your time when the Kiely / old Kaiser project comes up - he’s been supporting many of you on your different projects - just like Zuma does for the average Joe out there!

[THANKS TO THIS SILICON VALLEY BLOG! They WISH they had me, y' better appreciate me, or maybe I'll move THERE! Yeah.]

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