Monday, March 23, 2009

Zuma Dogg Must Deal In Today's PRESENT, Not Future Bananas That People Seem To Like To Dangle In Front of Me

Sorry there is less and less political "bamboozle-busting" blogging that I usually like to focus on, and if you are a new Zuma Dogg blog reader from Twitter, please go to and catch up on the archives over the past year. Although there has been overwhelming momentum on various Zuma Dogg public advocate and public performer fronts...there's nothing in the works today, or this week...and I've been dealing with "future plans and promises" for the better part of eight years. People have the best of intentions and I don't think anyone has EVER made a promise or stated an intent that they didn't truly, whole-heartedly believe at the time. But these constant carrots that are dangled in front of me are doing more harm than good. I've been able to move through them and just focus on the day to day grind of actual advocate work, without even THINKING of any professional gigs that may come out of it. (Haven't been contacting Hollywood agents or sending out resumes or doing ANYTHING besides the day to day grind of activism (blogging, attending meetings, on the phone with people and being on the streets 24/7 speaking with people.)
But as people see the messages in a bottle from a sinking "brain-seizing artist of an icon genius compared to Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufan"; amd as Academy, Grammy and Emmy Award winners have all spent face-to-face time with Zuma Dogg (stopping him on the streets of Malibu) to ask him a couple questions as to "HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT!?!?"; people want to try and offer some hope and optimism in my time of desperation, so they make promises about things they want to hire me for.
In the past it has been, "We're gonna put you in the movies; put you in a sitcom; give you your own reality show; use you for Ryan Seacrest's Las Vegas New Year's Special; gonna hire you to be Program Director of the L.A. indy-rock station that I am general manager of; going to spend money making ZD merchandise and marketing it; going to produce your music album (it was someone who produces hits, even on today's Billboard charts as I type this); plus all the other day to day "wishes" as to how YOU can help capitialze on the ZD phenomenon, while also helping ZD be able to continue doing what he is doing, at a professional level. The best promise, recently, was from the person who told me they were going to make some calls to help me be able to carry on as an activist, while being able to maybe come off the streets and eat at least once a day, everyday. ALL ONCE I WRAPPED UP THE MAYORAL CAMPAIGN. It's wrapped. No follow up. And each bottom is lower than the previous.
AND NOW, as ZD cannot maintain much professionalism and the blogging is about my sinking ship crisis...the "carrots" are being dangled like life preservers being thrown into the water. But it's always about UPCOMING stuff in the FUTURE, not the present. And I have been down this path in the entertainment route, and now it is the same curse happening in the public advocate arena.

SO IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT SOMETHING IN THE FUTURE THAT YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ZUMA DOGG ON IN A PROFESSIONAL ARENA...write it down, put it in a jar (or type an email and save it as a "draft") and on the day that you are ready to say, "Hi Zuma Dogg. I've seen and heard all about you, and I have something perfect that we can work on together. Do you have time to talk about it now, or can we meet somewhere to talk about it as soon as you are available?" -- that is the script to use so that i know you are not just one more nice banana trying to keep ZD optimistic. Because I know you are optimistic, too. And you are probably saying, "Damn, I can't believe ZD just typed this whole blog post just about me?" I DIDN'T. And that's the problem.

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