Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dumb and/or Shady L.A. City Councilmember Wants To Spend $250 MILLION on "Feel Good" Trolley -- IN THE FACE OF $7 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET CRISIS! (LOL!)

Quick: The city is going bankrupt; workers, citywide are going to have to be fired; services cut; library and park hours cut; fees being raised; new taxes created...

YOU HAVE $250 MILLION TO SPEND: How would you spend it?

a) Even though LAUSD and L.A. City are run separately, you give the money to the schools because the city cannot be a success if the schools are not.

b) Leave the $250 million for your "pet project" in the general fund, and put the "non-essential" pet project plans on hold during this economic "armageddon" (as it was described by one L.A. City CM.)

c) Spend $250 million (starting point, cause it always ends up costing more than projected) on digging up a street (Broadway, downtown) and install a trolley for the scores and scores of people who will suddenly be driving downtown to take the trolley down the street and drop them off in front of a theater for a live play or movie.

d) Give the money to some good non-profits providing emergency services to those most in need who are also plauging Downtown streets.

ANSWER (if you are a dumb and/or shady Councilmember):

c) Dig up the street and build a trolley. But, I think the money will only be approved if the trolleys include a big picture of the grinning CM on both side panels.

I thought Reyes was the dumbest councilmember, but anyone who would spend $250 million to tear up the streets and install a trolley, CLEARLY is the dumbest councilmember. (Or just the shadiest for not giving a "f*ck" and doing it anyway.)

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