Thursday, April 9, 2009

DWP Water Conservation Plan: Conserve or We WILL Shut Your Water Off

SATURDAY 4/11/08 11:AM UPDATE: I spoke with DWP GM David Nahai on Friday to discuss all of this. I'll try to type up the notes and blog it, if I can get in front of a computer for long enough. If the DWP "conservation pricing" is important to you, and want to know right away, it would be easier for me to just tell you by phone if you don't see a new blog post about it. Phone number is posted on this blog.

First of all, I am in Marina Del Ray this morning, very stuck, very precarious and I hope someone donates this morning, right away on PayPal. I have been up ALL NIGHT, and just a a moment to crank out this Zuma Dogg EXCLUSIVE because I can tell by listening to the news this morning on the radio, there is some confusion.

CITY COUNCIL rejected DWP's water conservation price plan, NOT because they didn't want to do it, but because they simply weren't prepared as the info slipped through their legs like a baseball through the Bad News Bears infield. So they had to vote "no" cause they had no idea what they were voting on.

The motion WILL be coming back to council in TWO WEEKS and it WILL pass. It HAS to pass. So it WILL pass. MUCH MORE OF THE DETAILS AFTER I CAN GET IN FRONT OF COMPUTER LONG ENOUGH, but bottom line, FIRST if you use too much water, your price will skyrocket...THEN, if you still keep wasting (not conserving);


So I don't remember a time ever when you could go for some water and it won't be there, because "NO WATER FOR YOU!"

If you want to know ALL the details (whether you are a ratepayer or City Councilmember that wants to know the details, call me at 213-785-7272 and I will be glad to break it all down with numbers. Otherwise, I gotta take a nap on the sidewalk, cause it was too cold to sleep outside last night, so I've been up all night and have to go to sleep now. I want to get all the details out, but this is all I can do right now.

BOTTOM LINE: The water drought is as bad as I have been warning about and we are now about to see what I have been warning about: DWP will shut off your water if you are too hydrated in your life. This IS a real problem, conservation MUST be taken DRASTICALLY, no one ever does that, so DWP is gonna have to shut some folks off, to make the point. THEN, when people are high and DRY (without water) the city will perk up like Zuma Dogg and start to pay attention.

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