Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gloria Molina Has A Nice Idea, But She Is Totally Living In A Nutty Bubble If She Thinks It Is Going To Happen

Dear Los Angeles Board of County Supervisor Gloria Molina,

As you may know, Zuma Dogg is the "insider's insider" so I hate to break it to you sweetie: Your idea flies in the face of exactly THE OPPOSITE of what is about to happen: FEDERAL ENTITLEMENT MONEY IS ABOUT TO BE CUT!!! So I guess you may as well spend the coffers dry, as quickly as possible, AND ENJOY WHILE YOU GOT IT...because it's going away! GET READY!!! YOU ARE BEING WARNED ON THE RECORD: FEDERAL ENTITLEMENT MONEY IS GOING TO BE CUT, NOT ADDED TO! Start making the appropriate plans! Again, I didn't just decide this way going to happen. I was TOLD it is going to happen. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! PREPARE FOR IT TO HAPPEN. DO NOT PRETEND IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And especially, one year from now, do not say there was no way that anyone could have seen that the entitlement money was going to be cut. ZUMA DOGG KNOWS! That means YOU know!

LA County Reconsidering Benefits Rules

CityNews Service

Los Angeles (myFOXla.com) - The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal Tuesday for loosening welfare eligibility rules.

"These families are in tough situations," Molina said. In response to a Los Angeles Times story, Molina drafted a proposal to seek temporary waivers and other legislative remedies to make sure that more families are eligible for government benefits. [Is that CITIZENS, or families?]

"We are experiencing the worst recession in decades," she said. "As more and more people lose their jobs and search for new ones in a shrinking job market, many families are finding themselves, often for the first time, with inadequate funds to pay their rent/mortgage, keep their utilities and provide food for their children." [AND NO ONE IN THE COUNTY OR STATE IS MORE RESPONSIBLE THAN BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS!!! And I know a lot of families that struggled to pay rent and mortgage and to feed their kids throughout the history of this country.

Though county staffers said that federal government will pick up the bulk of the tab, Antonovich worried that the proposal could leave the county on the hook for the expanded program indefinitely -- especially when federal funding runs out. [What does MOLINA care, she won't miss a meal or be impinged in any way? SPEND THE COUNTY, STATE AND COUNTRY INTO BANKRUPTCY, THEN HAVE MORE PEOPLE COME TO L.A. COUNTY AND HOP ON WELFARE!!! THERE IS ENDLESS MONEY TO HAND OUT TO EVERYONE TO HELP THEM BE MORE COMFORTABLE!!! IT WILL NEVER END!!!! IT'S A NON-STOP FIESTA!!!!]

On his recommendation, the proposal was revised to make it clear that the eligibility requirements would be altered only temporarily. [THAT'S RIGHT! Cause it's going away, permanently!]

Molina's motion also directs the county CEO and the Department of Public Social Services to address housing needs of families who have fallen through the cracks of the public assistance system.

HEY MOLINA!!! YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE, THE WAY YOU SQUANDER AND WASTE THE MONEY AS THOUGH YOU WERE GETTING KICKBACKS ON DOLLARS WASTED. There is no more inept, joke of clown ass body of elected losers than the four arrogant, pompous, out of touch, bumbling baffoons that have destroyed the region and tanked the State at the Board of County Loservisors. (Antonovich gets a pass.)

So enjoy your final breath as a county-wrecker. The plug is about to be pulled on all your coffer-draining hard non-sense. I HAVEN'T SEEN THE BOARD OF LOSERVISORS DO A GOSH DARN THING TO SAVE A F*CKING PENNY TO PUT BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY.

They caused this problem through their irresponsible and wreckless ignorance and flat out cronie-enhancing and personal entitleling spending!!! HEY GLORIA, HOW ABOUT A SALARY REDUCTION TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM BEFORE YOU PUT THE REST OF THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY CITIZENS ON THE HOOK??? HOW ABOUT JUST THROWING MONEY OUT OF A HELICOPTER AND INTO THE STREETS BELOW FOR ALL PEOPLE TO ENJOY!!!

The people Molina are trying to get benefits extened for, SHOULD show up to her office and tell her to start representing the community through the agenda items that roll through there each meeting. Instead of letting the communities fall into complete disrepair while their waste, inefficiency and greed caused the problem.
I'M SORRY I LET YOU TAKE THIS PICTURE WITH ME! Next time I will say, "No." I can't be associated with you. You're too wasteful, irresponsible and neglectful to the people you claim to represent. They need an actual representative of the community. Not some professional politician who lives life in an corrupt, ignorant, ivory tower.

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