Monday, April 13, 2009

LA Daily Blog Programming Note From Zuma Dogg

10:30PM UPDATE: It's bad! Being sick, while broke and on the sidewalk all at the same time really messed things up. Everything was fine till I got sick. I've never been this bad off. This should be fun to watch play out over the next 12-16 hours. Sorry I couldn't pull out of this on my own. Getting sick messed up the program. But I'm sure everything will be fine. No need for concern. And if everything turns out NOT to be fine...what's the difference to anyone but myself? If an activist falls on the sidewalk on the streets of L.A., and no one hears the thud, did the activist really fall?

Alright, I wanted to crank out that post about DWP today (see this blog), but there is a chance I may not be updating this blog as frequently. And sometimes people get concerned if they do not see a new post by ZD on this blog. But I have to remove the pressure of updating this blog for that purpose.

I've blogged how I need to get off the street. No surprise I have gotten sick this past week, and it's become much, much more stressful for me to be on the streets 24 hours a day.

I won't be accessing a computer as much, so if you need to contact me, call the number posted on this blog in upper right hand corner. But only if it is about a room with a bed that I can sleep in.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE...I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. I HOPE that I don't go to the council meeting on Tuesday, even if someone magically PayPals gas money to get there. Someone else please go to the council meeting and talk about the water crisis and alert the public as to the water conservation measures mentioned on the post below.

Hope to be back soon, but my body is in a state of shock and now I'm running around flat-broke for the most part, sick as a dogg, with no where to sleep except the city streets. So I think I kinda gotta forget about blogging for a while and hope I am ever able to return. I've said it before...I think we are seeing the "France" era of Zuma Dogg, and people will be looking back saying, "Damn, I saw the signs but I thought...."

I could crank out a new post later today, or tomorrow, or the next day...I'm not TRYING to stop...but I think my body will be making me stop.

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