Monday, April 6, 2009

Los Angeles Cannot "Reward" It's Way Out Of Upcoming Graffiti Wave

I am at a city of L.A. library in Eagle Rock, right now. The clock says 5:55pm, even though it is only 4:55pm.

No one has set the clock back for daylight savings, yet. Maybe they'll just leave it until we turn em ahead again. My "Interpretation of Deming's 14 Points" will explain how the clock might be turned back one hour, once a year. But the mayor should just maintain the status quo, because it's working so well.

Meanwhile, the reason I logged on, is to issue this notification to the City of Los Angeles (the Mayor's office and all city councilmembers):

The number one issue that is about to run out of control, that you will be POWERLESS over, in the most annoying and frustrating way is "graffiti."

Not just on walls and billboards, but on windows and signs of retail shops, on the's about to spin out of control.

And the thing is, it's not the "Jamiel's Law" kinda issues that drives politicians nuts...IT'S GONNA BE THE GRAFFITI!"

Mark my words, but not with a spray paint can.

New laws regarding spray cans and minors and having them on you and rewards and all that will be offered...but as someone who likes to think he has all the answers...

the Batcomputer comes up "bamboozled" on this one, cause the only answer given is "enough police to patrol all the streets at all times at 2, 3, 4, 5 in the morning. YOU CAN'T!
But it's all a by-product of too much density and a softy-kiss-ass-non-leader who uses the term "for all" instead of "citizens."

So you end up with a city full of drop outs selling and eating bacon wrapped sausage sandwiches off unsanitary, uncovered, untaxed heat plates on the sidewalk while tagging the retail window.

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