Thursday, April 30, 2009

Partick Range McDonald (LA Weekly) Unravels Villaraigosa's "Safest Since 1950's" Claim

[Pictured: LA Weekly's Partick Range McDonald takes notes at city council meeting on important issue.]

If there is ONE thing that Los Angeles Wrecking Ball, Antonio Villaraigosa says that will make you SCREAM BACK at the TV or radio, it's his nutty quote that Los Angeles is safe as it was when Wally and the Beaver walked the streets to and from school in the 1950's!

All because Chief Bratton pulled some statistics out of his ass that were jammed up there by his boss and puppet-master political tool, Cheif William "I Used To Stand Up For What I Believe" Bratton.

Welp, Patrick Range McDonald didn't take that hard non-sense lightly and brings a few details to light regarding the mayor's favorite "warm and fuzzy" reflection on his first term.

“It’s a silly comparison,” Malcolm Klein, professor emeritus of sociology at USC and a gang-crime expert, says bluntly. An author of numerous books on gang crime, Klein says that when Bratton starts publicly comparing crime levels of the 1950s to today, “You’re not listening to a chief of police, you’re listening to a politician.”

Click HERE for full Partick Range McDonald report.

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