Saturday, April 4, 2009

Schwarzeneger Hires Laura Chick To Oversee Stimulus Spending

Calif. hires auditor to oversee stimulus spending

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired the Los Angeles city controller to act as an independent auditor overseeing California's share of federal stimulus funding.

Schwarzenegger named Laura Chick to the newly created job of inspector general on Friday.

The Republican governor says California is the first state to appoint an inspector general to oversee its share of the $787 billion from the stimulus package. That amount is expected to be about $50 billion when money from competitive grants is included.

Schwarzenegger already named a task force of top advisers to oversee the state portion of the money.

The governor's office says Chick will be paid $175,000 a year.

Los Angeles gadfly, Zuma Dogg, who touts himself as L.A.'s Bamboozle-buster, shining light on political shadiness notes, "without the implementation and practice of any type of methods for management of quality and productivity, you may as well let Edward Scissorhands handle and oversee the money. Either that, or just throw it all into a giant money shredding machine." Whichever is a more efficient way to waste the money. But at least with Laura Chick we will know what programs have squandered it all. So I at least feel good about that."

First all the quality businesses that provided quality jobs left the city; then the middle class left; then Richard Alarcon returned; and NOW Laura Chick is leaving! Maybe Zuma Dogg should just move to Sacramento with her and be Arnold's new watch dogg. (Wait! But then I would have to move back to L.A. again.)

SUPPORT ZUMA DOGG ON HIS THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF CITY HALL ACTIVISM: Three miserable years ago today, April 4, 2006, was the first day Zuma Dogg went to city hall for his first public comment. It's 4:24 in the morning, and this is the ONLY time I could get in front of a free computer. So check this blog cause I tried to catch up on some stuff. I am completely broke and when I wake up, it will be BIG problems, because I am still on the streets without gas to drive around and am shaking from hunger now, which is why I am awake...and in the morning will be REALLY starving and I am actually in physical pain from hunger, right now. So beware any emails or voice mails you may get when I wake up this morning.

If you have never donated to support the efforts and have thought about it, today would be the best day, cause I've never been more in need; and it's my three year anniversary of being a stupid dummy who cannot stop this watchdogg non-sense..

If I don't get some PayPal love today, this morning, real soon, like when I wake up...I'll probably just put the blog on private and resign from all of this activism.

So most likely we are looking at the scenario of "Zuma Dogg at City Hall (4/4/06-4/4/09)." I gotta do everything to try and kill off the Zuma Dogg character so Dave can live.

ZUMA DOGG (2000-2009)

From Zuma's PayPal inbox:

Message: Hey ZD, just a little something, I hope it helps.  I've been following your
since the election and I appreciate the things that you do for the residents of
the City
of Los Angeles. Please keep up the good work. I can only imagine how
hard it is for you
to keep pushing forward but just know that as long as you are doing
what is right, Light
(Good) always defeats darkness (evil).

May the Lord Bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you, be
gracious to
and grant you peace Amen.

I'll be praying for you.

[Thank you! I like the combination of prayers and paypal! ZD]

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