Monday, April 20, 2009

Zuma Dogg Back To Life In Malibu? (No More ZD at City Hall?) We Can Only Hope!

BACK TO LIFE FOR ZUMA DOGG: I think I may have finally broken the disease I have been suffering from called, "activism" (it even sounds like an ailment). For some reason, all of the sudden I am yearning to never leave Malibu/Agoura Hills/Westlake Village after abandoning it for the better part of three years; I listened to a stretch of songs on Power 106 today (instead of AM radio); watched The Cure concert in it's entirety on the internet; and decided to gut the DWP story as mentioned in this headline and replace it with this post instead.

And I haven't even mentioned how Richard Alarcon CANNOT give up this wacky idea of pouring more and more money into his district's bankrupt museum that he now wants the city to buy and take over. Here's an idea for CON, how about spending $2.7 billion on a Dodo bird display, because what if the poor kids of Los Angeles can't see what a Dodo bird used to look like.

ANYWAY, I was able to stay away from City Hall the past two meetings, and I really can't imagine leaving Malibu to head to either Van Nuys or Downtown on Tuesday. So maybe it's all out of my system and I can get back to what I was doing before, a little more.

I could be HERE everyday (see video), instead of Downtown at the council meetings -- not getting paid -- while my day gets all eaten up. Wonder what I will do on Tuesday? If I am at the Council meeting, you will KNOW I am as crazy as my critics have said.

Here is what I walked away from and replaced with Janice Hahn and Jan Perry?!?!?

MEANWHILE, I feel great, like I passed a kidney stone. And my creative energies are starting to focus on something other than that dumb-loser mayor and his 15 dumb, no stand-up puppets who have already destroyed things beyond repair. (Why am I surrounding myself with such inferior losers. I've been torturing myself. What have I been thinking?)

AND NOW, go to for some new videos posted over the weekend. Plus, that's where I will be posting stuff that won't be posted here. AND, at the Zuma Times Blogspot, you can see links to this LA Daily Blog (when posts happen) and all the Twitter updates, anyway. So that's a better starting point.

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