Monday, April 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg Likes The Subway $5 For ANY Sub Deal Better Than Quizno's $4 Deal (Even though it's ONE dollar more)

Since Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog is so hot, these days (Top 5 in Statewide BNN ranker) I gotta accept some advertising so I can keep the blog heat on City Hall.

I also wanted to remind you that Subway's $5 ANY FOOTLONG deal is better than Quizno's $4 "Torpedo" deal.

The $5 Subway Footlong is a much BIGGER and BETTER sandwich for only one dollar more. The Quiznos' "Torpedo" sandwich is very thin, like a pencil, but it feels heavy cause the bread is real heavy and dense. But hardly anything in between.

Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa's favorite sub, may be some fantasy subway to the sea, but, MY favorite Subway is the "Veggie Burger." (The most expensive to make, so the biggest loss for Subway.) To the first person who PayPal's me $5.00 today, I will immediately be getting one of these delicious Subway subs from Subway!

I just felt like saying that.

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