Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zuma Dogg Food Drive For Zuma Dogg

It is 6pm on Wednesday April 22, 2009 and if you are in the Woodland Hills/Calabasas/Malibu/Sherman Oaks or any nearby area and can deliver some food to Zuma Dogg (like a tuna sandwich, pizza, sushi, veggie burritos, anything without meat or chicken) PLEASE CALL 213-785-7272. I am stuck in this area and things have been going downhill for me so quickly, I can't handle the G-force. And right now, I am so hungry I have physical pains and am about to dry heave from nervous nausueaness. I have asked for PayPal donations before, but some people don't like to do that, so if you have food, please call me. I am serious. I want to eat today. It's been way too hot these past three days and I have not been eating anything. It is what it is, baby. I FUCKED up my life and can't help myself out of it. But the blogging has been great today. 213-785-7272. HURRY!

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