Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates For (4/28/09)

A miserable end to a miserable day that will start off tomorrow morning around 5am very miserably. Hope to NOT see you at the council meeting, but I have a feeling I MAY end up there, anyway. But HOPEFULLY I won't feel like it. HERE ARE THE MEANINGLESS TWITTER TWEETS FOR TODAY.
  1. It's only numbness and a state of shock that allowed me to plow ahead today. I REALLY, REALLY wish I wasn't sleeping on the street tonight.
  2. Slept on the sidewalk last night; woke up at 5a; attend a 5 HOUR council meeting; blog all night only to sleep on sidewalk again. OUCH!
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Villaraigosa pension appointee RESIGNS over City Attorney Candidate Jack Weiss Fundraiser. SUPER SHADY http://LADailyBlog.com
  4. Los Angeles WILL be forced into BANKRUPTCY in 2013 over $7 BILLION in pension losses.(Villar's pension appointees being investigated by SEC)
  5. City Council approved $500,000 to STUDY if City should sell-off public parking & meter $ rights. I can save you half a million: NO DUMMIES!
  6. L.A. CITY ALERT: Villaraigosa budget is a SHAM. He KNOWS it will not be accepted and will have to re-do it. City WILL become very precarious
  7. L.A. CITY ALERT: L.A. will be forced to declare bankruptcy eventually over $7 BILLION in Wall St pension losses that SEC is investigating.
  8. City Attorney candidate Carmen TRUTANICH tells me if Controller Greuel doesn't keep a "check & balance" on Villaraigosa, HE WILL (She won't)
  9. CITY ATTORNEY ELECTION ALERT: Sheriff Lee Baca PULLS Jack Weiss endorsement and BACKS CARMEN TRUTANICH 100%! See http://LADailyBlog.com
  10. I don't understand why LOCAL radio hosts THROW AWAY their ONLY competitive advantage:They follow national hosts with MORE national talk LOL!
  11. More Obama talk on McIntyre's morning show. Plus, other national talk. THE CITY IS GOING BANKRUPT OVER PENSION CORRUPTION. Say something!
  12. The good thing about ZD is: It doesn't matter WHO I piss off when it would behoove me to be quiet since I sleep outside, hungry, either way.

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