Monday, May 25, 2009

Alright, time for Zuma Dogg to eat this Memorial Day Monday! (PLEASE HELP!)

Alright, it' s been a whirlwind week, with a whirlwind Memorial Day Weekend of blogging. I've been blogging round the clock, and if you haven't checked into this blog since before Saturday, make sure you check out everything from Saturday!. Point is, I am flat broke, right now, and really, really want to eat.

If you are in Venice/Marina Del Rey area, holla and we can get together. Or, if you can hit the PayPal link, I'll give you a review of the food.

I know people think these posts magically pop up. I can tell you ONE thing, it involves round the clock blogging in front of this computer and talking with people on the phone and NOT doing a DAMN thing else. (Look at the level of information on this blog the past week! UNTOUCHABLE! Even New York Daily News made reference. Why would they do that? Hmmm!)

Hopefully, it's worth it. I think it is. The posts have all be skyrocketing to the top of BlogNetNews ranker and I think you will be hearing and reading more about ZD's Saturday blogging on Cuomo's pension investigation, elsewhere. BESIDES THAT...THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST WEEK OF "I TOLD YOU SO" EVER FOR ZUMA DOGG, with Jerry Brown issuing subpoenas to a bunch of people Zuma Dogg has been blogging about in this pension scandal.

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