Monday, May 11, 2009

Internal Memos To LA Daily Blog From Wetherly Insider Tells History of the Capital Investment Firm

I find all the memos I am reading regarding the background players who will be/are starring in the United States of America, NATIONWIDE pension scandal that is even bigger than I thought when I started warning City Hall of the problem, to be very compelling.

So here is a little, "show you how the clock is made" (instead of just telling you what time it is) regarding Wetherly Capital, who are only SOME of the players who have sucked this city, state and country dry. These are the names we will be remembering as we witness the end of an era.


Dan Weinstein, as well as his main financial backer Kapo Ron Burkle who NEXT TO the monopoly De Beers is the largest financial contributor to the Democratic Party of the United States, all follow very closely in the “footsteps” of De Beers. [Note: Someone sent a message saying, "Weinstein's main financial backer is Richard "Dick" Ziman (Former CEO of Arden Realty).]

Why, apart from you only drinking coffee over the past 24 hours, can you not get your arms around the fact that those who profit the most from war, which allow the victors to steal the land and all the mineral resources below, before then making all the rules and regulations which keep them in the pound seats before they NEXT plunge the world into an ongoing genocidal war, back all sides to every conflict, which does not prevent them from owning the judicial system?

BTW, included in these original documents that were produced by the Wetherly Capital group including the most “smoking gun” document titled, WATER FUND which Dan Weinstein’s co-managing director, Vicky Schiff produced, herself, in anticipation of our most important meeting on February 8th, 2002, is a letter dated April 3rd, 2002 which is addressed to me and written by Wetherly Capital Group’s one attorney, Stanford Law School trained William H. Jackson Esq.

I doubt there exists anywhere in the entire universe a more incriminating document, let alone one produced by an Ivy League Law School alumnus.

Not to mention below is a joint safety deposit box agreement form along with one of the keys, that was held in both my and Vicky L. Schiff’s names, and which once contained the original “side agreement” between Ms. Schiff and me, that spelled out, because I had served her so well in “extricating” herself “without a scratch” from Lou Gonda, who along with his father were the second largest shareholders of now Government owned enterprise, AIG, Ms. Schiff agreed to pay me 10% of every penny she made until such time as she retired; and by the way, Ms. Schiff back in the summer of 2001 was in her mid-30s and very much in the prime of life and of “sound mind”, no different than today, I assume.

Moreover, copies of her two checks to me (ZD sees copy of checks in attachment) Capital Group also executing to the letter, my Retainer Consulting Agreement that both Ms. Schiff and Mr. Weinstein signed along with me on September 17th, 2001.

Not to mention in his letter dated April 3rd, 2002, some 20 days before Stanford Law School Professor Joe Grundfest Esq. warns me, “Could I stop you?”, Stanford Law School graduate Mr. Jackson is, while “blackening his hands” to the Nth Degree, offering to pay me US$ 9,375, the balance of my retainer.

Ron Burkle, who was the first to hire Bill “Rhodes-De Beers Scholar-Pardon-Marc Rich” Clinton after he left the White House after giving Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour, most likely would have been quite happy to settle me a cool US$ 3 million.

To mention little of Mr. JRK has copies of all these beyond belief self-incriminating documents which I shall be using in filing an epic class action lawsuit against both the State of California as well as the US Federal Government to return all tax monies to those of us not getting our big government bailouts, which of course are going to those who have failed, while making people such as yourself increasingly on the edge.

You should at least realize that having “deep pockets” has meant the exact same as having the “big gun”.

But now, if you haven’t been corrupted, you are realizing the information you have, once shared, and not a moment before, makes you and everyone you touch that much more powerful and invigorated while the “losers” feel increasingly weaker; worse yet, they are increasingly isolated and “left to their own thoughts”; better yet, unless hermits they cannot physically hide with their increasingly worthless money as well as all the ill-gotten gains obtained by having simply been on the side of those increasingly dependent on the big gun, who after killing their strongest opponents then rely on their control of the “information flow” to systematically brainwash those enslaved, which is exponentially difficult to do as credible people such as me broadcast at Internet light-speed.

Not to mention, the next generation of children are that much more wired than the past, and will catch on that much quicker to the games of the preceding generation who now have to deal with that reality catching up fast.

Most paralyzing, of course, for all those who usurp their limited authority is not knowing who exactly is getting the information and when, but quite certain it is inevitable that this Knowledge-Information-Light cannot be stopped.


I wasnt' going to post this yet, but my computer screen is on the blink, and who knows next time I can blog, so here's an idea of the memos I am sifting through as background in this story. Perhaps, you'll find it compelling?

It wasn’t all that long ago that Ms. Schiff arranged a fundraiser at her house for Ms. Kathleen Connell the current State Controller as referenced earlier in one of the hyperlinks. Her boyfriend Mark, Siffin that is, was also present. There was also another Mark in her life, a Mark Weinstein, who I introduced her to. Although they didn’t hit it off as well as the other two Marks they did end up in business together butt that came crashing down. This time, however, I stepped up to the plate and saved the day. Mark Weinstein and I go back around 20 years. He is unquestionably one of the biggest small time movers and shakers building a $150 million plus real estate portfolio from little scratch in a space of a decade. He tactics and strategies however, are on a par it turns out with the biggest players in the industry who as we know lie, steal and cheat.

Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff eventually resolved their dispute butt they failed to consult me on the settlement. There is however, a “mutual hold harmless” provision within their settlement agreement that in the event I were to take legal action against either one of them the other party would not be liable. What is interesting is that I was never a party to any agreement between Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff. My name doesn’t appear on any documents pertaining to their business matters other than this “release and settlement agreement.”

It so happens that a very similar “release and settlement” agreement was sent to me, first by fax, followed up the next day with a FEDEX package, by the same lawyer who drafted the settlement between Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff. This settlement “proposal” is however, strikingly different to the one involving Ms. Schiff and Mark Weinstein. For starters the parties are mostly different. Only Ms. Schiff’s name appears in both settlement agreements. The main other “party” in this “ram it down my throat” nonsense is Mr. Dan Weinstein.

Mr. Dan Weinstein though is really nothing more than a whiner and a lackey for the some much more serious players. Certainly, Dan Weinstein has had his share of the headlines especially in the last Los Angeles Mayoral race butt he is a man who mostly takes instructions from higher up and mostly in the form of the telephone calls. At sum point one might want to subpoena all his phone records although again, I am sitting on all the evidence one would need to convince a jury that Mr. Weinstein and his other buddies who helped get Wetherly Capital kick-started are the ones really calling the shots.

The last time I met and spoke with Dan Weinstein was on February 8th probably within days of the Siffin court decision authorizing the deposition of Mr. Siffin. It seems though that Mr. Weinstein failed to inform his and/or Vicky Schiff’s lawyer of this rather telling meeting that took place in the World headquarters of Arden Realty, no doubt under the watchful eye of Mr. Burkle who is Mr. Clinton’s recent business partner.

Wetherly Capital have a rather interesting selection of corporate clients who they “assist” in helping raising monies from institutions like CALPERS. I have no idea whether they have had any success in these particular efforts although Mr. Burkle threw a couple of million into the kitty when he got his first $200 million installment from CALPERS. I doubt whether Wetherly Capital even have the right licenses to be doing what they are doing butt then again these folks make the rules. Because city hall likes me to have nothing but time to blog! Ask any councilmember or Villaraigosa. Hey guys, guess what's yet to come? YIKES! And like Boy George of Cultre Club once said, "I got nothiiiiiiiiin', but time."

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