Thursday, May 7, 2009

LA Daily Blog - NewsWIRE For 5/7/09 (All the News That's Fit To Link!)

LA Daily Blog - NewsWIRE

L.A. Daily Blog UPDATE for Thursday April 7, 2009...
from L.A. Daily Blog

Obama seeks $17 billion in U.S. budget savings
from Reuters: Business News

Manny Issues Statement via Players Union
from LAist

Ex-fundraiser for Dems to plead guilty to fraud
from Top headlines

California nearly out of cash, state official warns
from Los Angeles Times - Top News

Jackson's publicist sues for $44M
from ABC7 Eyewitness News Southern California News,

Chris Brown's lawyer goes after LAPD
from ABC7 Eyewitness News Southern California News,

CalPERS seeks to change JetBlue board election rules
from Los Angeles Business News - Local Los Angeles Ne

Ex-Sheriff Carona appeals conviction
from ABC7 Eyewitness News Southern California News,

L.A. Daily Blog: Zuma's LA Daily Blog Sends Villaraigosa...
from Google Alerts - zuma-dogg

FUNNY NOTE?: Google ads kicked in on this blog today. I've always been curious to see what kind of ads appear. I can see I won't make a dime from them though. They are all for pension and 401K advisers because of my CalPERS & LACERS pension scandal blogging. But it's not like anyone reading cares about THOSE ads. So now I will have to spend/waste more time trying to constantly adjust the filters. MEANWHILE, not so computer screen is shot! Have to hold it with one hand and type with the other, and everything takes five times longer cause the screen is "blinky" and the cursor keeps moving all over the enjoy what's posted. I'm broke, hungry, sleep deprived and in a pretty unsafe circumstance...BUT IF MY COMPUTER WORKED, at least I could of course the ability to simply sit and blog here calmly and safely has been taken from me, as well. DON'T YOU SEE IT PEOPLE??? It's going the WRONG WAY! These are all clear signs I should have moved on, already. So now, it is being done FOR me by the universe. Keep reading my blog and enjoy it all as I deteriorate and decline and eventually fade away, completely. Life will carry on!

It's 9am, and I WAS going to pull my life together today, but after being up most of the night, the sun is finally up, the wet dew has finally dried off the park grass, and I gotta fall down and pass out. Goodnight, everybody! I'm gonna go film a cool segment of me throwing my laptop off a rooftop and watching it smash...cause it's worthless now anyway, and maybe I can make two cents if someone goes to the video page for the footage of it smashing. (Like the old SCTV, or David Letterman segments Then, at least I would have two cents. This computer isn't worth that.)

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