Thursday, May 7, 2009

My computer doesn't work. If you need to contact me, you have to call on the phone.

This computer screen is kaput. I can't sit here and blog all day and check emails when every sentence take a couple minutes to type. If you need to contact me, leave an email as usual and I'll eventually see it, but you must call and leave a message if it's something about today. And it's basically COMPLETELY over for all Zuma Dogg activist activities. No more council meetings unless I have more than $20 in my pocket that day, so FORGET the council meetings, but at least my blogging went up, but the plug was pulled on that since my laptop doesn't work and I am DONE trying to be an activist on 2 hours of public library time a day. I almost slept in a bed last night, but when that fell through seconds from hitting the mattress, I TAKE THAT AS A VERY CLEAR SIGN. When I have a computer and some support to continue what I am doing, beyond the same five people who slip me $20s, I'll pick it back up. Today, I'll be sitting in the park during the day, and laying on the sidewalk at night. It's been a BLAST the past three years, even but it's really unraveled fast and hard recently, even more than ever. And I'm just hoping I don't suffer from health issues today on the street today. I'm stuck. I'm very stuck. And if you thnk I can do anything but fall further in the wrong direction when it's 9am, and I'm dizzy and sleep deprived, YOU ARE DUMB AND YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR BIG, DUMB-IDEAS, MOUTH SHUT! And remember, IF YOU NEED TO REACH ME, YOU MUST CALL...YOU CANNOT COUNT ON ME CHECKING EMAILS! (But tomorrow, I will check my email account and there will be emails from people saying, "Hey Zuma, I sent you an email after reading this blog post, and you didn't reply.)

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