Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PENSIONGATE: Attend the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts FUND RAISER for Villaraiogsa's Pension Commissioner's Attorney!


Olé Tardeada - A Fundraiser for the benefit of Bilingual Foundation of the Arts

A Fundraiser for the benefit of Bilingual Foundation of the Arts

Saturday, May 30, 2009
4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Enjoy an afternoon and evening of great music, live entertainment, dancing, food, wine, beer and coffee bars and tequila testing along with the company of family and friends.

Information and reservations at (323) 225-4044

At the home of Gilbert and Margarita Moret
San Marino, CA 91108

(Call the number for directions to the event though, because If you are looking for Gil's address on Mapquest, the home is likely listed under someone else's name, because they usually put their homes in other people's names, so the Feds can't take it.)

Most likely, Louis Moret, who is one of the fine, upstanding Villaraigosa-appointed LOS ANGELES FIRE AND POLICE PENSION BOARD COMMISSIONERS will most likely be in attendance.

Zuma Dogg will be in attendance, in hopes of being able to interview Gilbert and Louis to ask them questions about CalPERS money and shady non-profits; and some other interesting questions relating to my PENSIONGATE 2009 investigation.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Gilbert Moret is brother of Villaraigosa-appointed pension commissioner Louis F. Moret. Gilbert represented his brother Louis in the South Gate scandal involving Albert Robles and what is now the highly investigated PensionGate. Gilbert Moret has law offices in L.A., the Valley and Pasedena. He belongs to several non-profits. and was recently appointed Board Chairperson for Bilingual Foundation of the Arts.

THIS EVENT PROMOTED BY: Los Angeles City Employees Association.

NOTE: I understand none of this money will be going to pay for anyone's attorney fees having to do with the South Gate scandal or any upcoming PENSIONGATE attorney fees.

Reporting LIVE from the streets of Los Angeles, because Villaragisoa and City Council lik to pass illegal laws that hurt people like me, without offering mitigating solutions...this is Big ZD, from the 2-1-3, for LA Daily

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