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The Story of Bad Weather Capital (NOT Wetherly Capital)

This has nothing to do with Wetherly Capital or the history of the pension scandal.

Here is an excerpt from the Hollywood script I am writing about the Los Angeles, California, New York and nationwide pension scandal (See LACERS, CalPERS).

This scene that tells a lot of the history/background of how Bad Weather Capital, a powerful pension fund investment firm, was founded as rose to power, only to bankrupt the City of Los Angeles, and probably State of California. I hope Martin Scorcese can direct this, with Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci starring!

[Enter ocean front property where ZD's source is speaking on the phone, or typing this email]

Mr. Source: I believe we spoke about 18 months or so ago. A few days ago I spoke briefly with JoBob Thomas the lawyer for Mr. Hanson who I understand plead guilty to two counts of murder. Apparently there was no evidence to suggest any connection between Mr. Hanson and Bobby Stiffler, my “partner” Ms. Capital’s ex-boyfriend.

I understand, however, that back in early February of this year the court granted permission for the defense to depose Bobby Stiffler “over objections of Stiffler's lawyers, including state Senate Majority Leader Ted Bellagio of Reno… police reports revealed that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considered Mr. Stiffler to be involved in major cocaine trafficking around the time of Majors's death in December 1978.”

I was also interested to know though whether you picked up any further connection between the victim/s and Mr. Stiffler other than what was referenced in your newspaper article

Earlier this year Bobby Stiffler was apparently forced out of office by his backers, the BIG BOY MONEY group out of New York but not before, however, pulling off quite a real estate coup in Los Angeles, billboard rights up the kazoo grandfathered into never never land.

Today Ms. Capital has a new business partner who also has some strong real estate connections, i.e. California’s Coastal Commission and politicians to boot. Earlier this year Dan Beerstein who is co-managing partner of Bad Weather Capital along with Ms. Capital was appointed

…as the alternate for David Potter… Bad Weather Capital Group, which specializes in raising capital from public pension funds and jointly managed trusts. He [Beerstein] has served as a senior advisor for former State Treasurer Kathleen Blue and as a regional Political Director for the
United Food and Commercial Workers.”

Dan Beerstein has a lot to be thankful for and no doubt credit is due elsewhere other than to G-d and right there are more than two.

For starters there are the folks who buy and sell the produce we all eat as in
Ron Schmurkle.

I know Dan Beerstein rather well and although he is connected I doubt he could “
serf “ [sic] even as well as Mr. David Potter who I know nothing about but certainly he can blow lots of smoke. AND remember now we are talking about the California Coastal Commission not “sum poor hoarse” [sic] pension fund like “CALiPERS” [sic] where the folks are encouraged by powerful PACS to play pong in between trotting off to the banks to deposit their ill-gotten gains which then get recycled to make little mention of the leverage that will make the Modigliani Miller painting one of the few remaining "safe heavens" [sic]

Bad Weather
Capital are today headquartered in Los Angeles in the headquarters of the Arden Group, a NY Stock Exchange company, with “bedside” suites in the “Word Savings building” [sic] that is located on the corner of San Vicente and Wiltshire Blvd in west Los Angeles.

Ms. Capital may have had a few boyfriends over the years but it seems that when Stiffler came along he was all she had been looking for. “He was successful, good looking but it was fire and ice.” When it was good it was very good and bad it was chaos.

Before she met Stiffler, Ms. Capital was dating a guy by the name of Mark. He happens to be a real estate broker that first got Ms. Capital thinking about the opportunities in self-storage business. Not-so-attached
Capital then started dating Bobby Stiffler who had come to the offices of StorageUSA wanting to do a real estate deal with Mr. Lou Lexus who had put up the money into what was now a fast growing self storage portfolio. By the time Ms. Capital exited from StorageUSA the portfolio was getting upwards of $100 million butt there were lots of problems and that is why she was introduced to me, “the problem solver.”

Ms. Capital at one point was a little concerned about Mr. Stiffler who came and went in and out of her life butt shetootended to go back and forth depending on the time of the day, perhaps one could argue
two peas in a pot” [sic], which could make “sum stalk and one might even at sum point be willing to talk” [sic].

Ms. Capital is though quite a resourceful woman, constantly on the go. Often her “write hand” [sic] having not the slightest clue what to do when she visits the restroom. Now I cannot be certain of this but I am certain that she is someone quite easily confused despite having graduated from UCLA’s Andersen School for those who are “lamb” [sic].

It wasn’t all that long ago that Ms. Capital arranged a fundraiser at her house for Ms. Kathleen Connell the current State Controller as referenced earlier in one of the hyperlinks. Her boyfriend Bobby Stiffler, was also present.

There was also another man in her life, a Mark Mann, who I introduced her to. Although they didn’t hit it off as well as Bobby they did end up in business together but that came crashing down.

This time, however, I stepped up to the plate and saved the day.

Mark Mann and I go back around 20 years. He is unquestionably one of the biggest small time
movers and shakers building a $150 million plus real estate portfolio from little scratch in a space of a decade. He tactics and strategies however, are on a par it turns out with the biggest players in the industry who as we know lie, steal and cheat.

Mark Mann and Ms. Capital eventually resolved their dispute butt they failed to consult me on the settlement. There is however, a “mutual hold harmless” provision within their settlement agreement that in the event I were to take legal action against either one of them the other party would not be liable. What is interesting is that I was never a party to any agreement between Mark Mann and Ms. Capital. My name doesn’t appear on any documents pertaining to their business matters other than this “release and settlement agreement.”

It so happens that a very similar “release and settlement” agreement was sent to me, first by fax, followed up the next day with a FEDEX package, by the same lawyer who drafted the settlement between Mark Mann and Ms. Capital. This settlement “proposal” is however, strikingly different to the one involving Ms. Capital and Mark Mann. For starters the parties are mostly different. Only Ms. Capital’s name appears in both settlement agreements. The main other “party” in this “ram it down my throat” nonsense is Mr. Dan Beerstein.

Mr. Dan Beerstein though is really nothing more than a whiner and a lackey for the some much more serious players.

Certainly, Dan Beerstein has had his share of the headlines especially in the last Los Angeles Mayoral race butt he is a man who mostly takes instructions from higher up and mostly in the form of the telephone calls. At sum point one might want to subpoena all his phone records although again, I am sitting on all the evidence one would need to convince a jury that Mr. Beerstein and his other buddies who helped get Bad Weather Capital kick-started are the ones really calling the shots.

The last time I met and spoke with Dan Beerstein was on February 8th probably within days of the Stiffler court decision authorizing the deposition of Mr. Stiffler. It seems though that Mr. Beerstein failed to inform his and/or Ms. Capital’s lawyer of this rather telling meeting that took place in the World headquarters of Arden Realty, no doubt under the watchful eye of Mr. Schmurkle who is Mr. Hinton’s recent business partner.

Bad Weather Capital have a rather interesting selection of corporate clients who they “assist” in helping raising monies from institutions like CALPERS. I have no idea whether they have had any success in these particular efforts although Mr. Schmurckle threw a couple of million into the kitty when he got his first $200 million installment from CALPERS. I doubt whether Bad Weather Capital even have the right licenses to be doing what they are doing butt then again these folks make the rules.

What matters most though to me is that you get to see the full perspective of whats going down, here.

I haven’t spoken with Ms. Capital in months. I am awaiting a response from her lawyer/s. The one lawyer doing all the “nonsense talking” is a guy by the name of Silly Jackman, a Stanford graduate. There was at one point mention of Mr. Jackman getting a pension fund seat for all the hard work he has done for Bad Weather Group. Mr. Jackman does get around.

At one time he represented StorAmerica. Ms. Capital was the managing partner in that business before things got too hot and she came trotting over to my seceret California location.

Mr. Lexus is one of the largest shareholders in AIG along with his father, that is. I assisted Ms. Capital in resolving that dispute which then allowed her to make a clean escape to where she sits today. As I mentioned earlier, on the way over though to Bad Weather she made her stopover with Mark Mann.


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