Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TRUTANICH WINS CITY ATTORNEY ELECTION!!! (Villaraiogsa's City Hall Corruption Takes MAJOR Blow!)

Since I haven't had time to type a proper TRUTANICH WINS! post, here is how I described the victory to my ZD PENSIONGATE INSIDE SOURCE, who knows a little bit about the local political scene, but only peripherally. But first, let me type for the first time, "Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen TRUtanich!!!"

Dear Mr. Source,

I have to catch up on reading of emails and blogging. After yesterday morning which included another council meeting, I attended the VICTORY PARTY for the winner of the Los Angeles City Attorney election, last night. The candidate I pushed for very publicly at meetings, on radio, TV and blogging from day one, WON the election and defeated L.A. Mayor Villaragiosa's hand-picked candidate, Councilmember Jack Weiss.

THIS IS A MAJOR VICTORY FOR CORRUPTION! Richard Ziman, head honcho of Wetherly had a fund raiser for Jack Weiss with Wetherly's Dan Weinstein as host, along with a pension commissioner, who was forced to resign over his participation.

So the "ZD" candidate is the new City Attorney, defeating Villarigosa's #1 political ally, and a lot of folks at City Hall have ANOTHER B-I-G reason to worry about, with Weiss losing -- and Trutanich WINNING.

It's as opposite end of the tug-of-war rope as you can get.

Trutanich was hand picked by District Attorney Steve Cooley, who I know you are quite familiar with.

Steve was at the party, too, along with Zuma Dogg, and I am delighted to say, I spent a very comfortable amount of time speaking with since it was a party, and YOU KNOW ME...there was NO WAY I could stop myself from discussing the Wetherly Capital bunch, and I started off the conversation by telling him some of the things I have discovered in my investigation.

He wasn't the only person I spoke with, and I feel satisfied that there are "wheels are in motion" across the country that will be getting to the bottom of this pension corruption, however, it IS a complicated web of shadiness, so it will take a while and I think it is a FEDERAL matter.

I also spoke with a newspaper reporter today, to tell him of the information of yours that I have been blogging and how New York Daily News even linked to my blog over the matter. So expect to see local newspapers to pick up on the PENSIONGATE coverage (Zuma Dogg style) NOW that the elections are over. (Because of course a Statewide and local city election will suck some of the print off the press.

In the meantime, I am typing this email from City Council chambers, where I have already delivered one public comment about this massive victory against Villaraigosa's machine.

I know this victory doesn't turn the city into Disneyland, or Del Mar, overnight...but it's a HUGE bite out of crime and sends a HUGE message!

So I'll get caught up on everything later, but I think you asked about the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, and YES, they DID mention my blogging (linking to the Simon "special situation fund" memo) and my name was mentioned with Cuomo, Bloomberg, Kennedy (and Dogg!)

Looks like we caused quite a little buzz to cause them to have to make mention.

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