Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg is Hungry: Take Him To Obama Hollywood Elite Dinner Tonight!

[Pictured: "Agent of Change" and President Obama.]

Many of you know Zuma Dogg is usually in need of food and is usually hungry. Today is no exception. I currently have less than three dollars and it's not even 9am, yet. That means I will be running out of money WAY too early in the day.

By dinner time, I will be STARVING!

If you have a spare ticket tonight's Barack Obama Hollywood Elite fundraiser dinner including the S, the K and the G or SKG (Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen) and everyone else with way too much money to blow on an ass kissing dinner like this, please call the number on the upper right hand corner of this blog and take me with you so I can eat dinner tonight.

And Barack, if you have an extra ticket on you, holla at ya boy, Uncle MC Zuma Dogg, coming to you simply and strictly on the realest, dough!

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