Monday, May 11, 2009

Zuma Dogg Meets With Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger About PENSION SCANDAL

Zuma Dogg just spent some time speaking with Arnold Schwarzengger regarding the pension scandal. Due to the massive scale of the problem, and the sensitive nature of my inside information, I felt it was best to discuss this with him face-to-face, in person. So first of all, I'm sure the Governor was thankful that I made the effort to take time out of my day to present him with my findings and analysis on where this is all headed.

Secondlyl, although his security detail tried to tell me he was in a "private meeting" -- I told them, "Sorry, Charlie, no private meetings with the Governor at THIS location, at least not if you're Zuma Dogg!"

So to try and put the either ill-informed or purposefully deceitful security personnel at ease, I asked the Governor if he recognized me, cause I was without my trademark hat and glasses, so I say, "Arnold, it's Zuma Dogg, you know...." He interrupts, "Of course!," as he turns and gives me is full attention. (Sorry, security, I understand you didn't recognize me without my trademark garb.

So I bring up the pension scandal, my thoughts on the severity, and ask if he knows some certain people involved who I name off, all of whom he knew. Not only did he know them, he asked, "What's wrong with (Named Person)?

So I tell him, and he says, "EXPOSE IT!" And the more I tell hm about it, the more he is saying, "Good! Keep exposing it!"

So I REALLY DID give him a brief rundown, and told him who I thought this would tie back to. (Sorry Senator Alex Padilla.) And then, of course a little Gubernatorial election talk where ZD had the crowd of security detail and even Arnold chuckling. (Sorry, Antonio.)

But mostly sorry to Wetherly Capital for making sure Arnold knows exactly about all the shenanigans that has been going on over there, but will soon be coming to an end, once and for all. And now, it's not going to be any surprise to the Governor.

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