Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zuma's LA Daily Blog Ranks Top 5 in on Blog Net News California Ranker, AGAIN This Week!

Thanks for reading! Check all the blog posts from the past 24 hours on this blog. BIGGEST day of blogging for me since I started three years ago. MOST EXPLOSIVE stuff, too! I woke up on the streets again this morning, too early, and was just going to check my email for a minute and try to go back to sleep, but the dumpsters were banging and horns honking and people around. And then the material started pouring in and I didn't have anything to do or anywhere to go, anyway. But I still wanted to take a nap, but the city is was too active, where I was. Now it's 9:30pm on Memorial Day Weekend Saturday, I'm actually dizzy, and I'm just waiting around until the streets are quite enough for me to find somewhere to crash. LOOK AT THE OUTPUT TODAY ALL THE WHILE! I was on the phone and typing all day. I AM SO DUMB, IT HURTS! I'm not even a person anymore. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT VENICE BEACH PERFORMING OR HAVING FUN, BUT I CAN'T EVEN MOVE I AM SO BURNT OUT, CAUSE I AM UP AT 5a or 6a so by 12noon,1 oclock, I'm already too tired from just bouncing around. And it's all because I cannot pull myself off the streets myself at this point. Oh well, I'm already panicked about waking up in the morning. That's about 5am, 6am if I'm lucky cause it Sunday. FUCK! But hey, at least my blog is good. And unless you are a State or Federal investigator, I wish you wouldn't even treat yourself to reading this blog. I am not wasting my life for you lazy, read my blog for free, recreation at this point.

Blog Net News - Weekly Influence Index
(State of California)

1. OC Progressive (1)
2. Calitics (2)
3. Orange Juice (3)
4. Politics in the Zeros (4)
5. L.A. Daily Blog (5)

(LA Observed ranked #10 for comparison)

Blog Net News - Today's Most Clicked POSTS (State of California)

LA Daily Blog with 7 of Top 10 today!
  • 4. A Fate Far Worse
  • 6. Should Blame Himself And His Generation For Not Respecting Military and Dead Heroes
  • 9. Paine Petitions the President
All of this, plus long council meetings that are broadcast on TV and radio calls and phone calls...all while sleeping on the street, four hours of restless sleep, on a budget of $10 or $20 a day on good days...IMAGINE THE DAMAGE I COULD DO WHEN I AM NOT SLEEPING ON THE STREET, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND HUNGRY...But, I don't think we are ever going to find out. It does irritate me that more people in the city seem to be aware of my efforts as an individual than almost any one else's, when I operate under these circumstances. Are the rest of you lazy, or just purposefully in-effective?

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