Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zuma's MASSIVE TWITTER Updates (Political Qucik Hits) For Super-Shady Saturday!

  1. Anyone interested in reading the Century City/Westfield settlement with Westwood Homeowners Association? If so, maybe I can let you read ...
  2. MORE PENSION SCANDAL (Lennar/Newhall Ranch):
  3. MORE PENSION B.S. Regarding Newhall Ranch: The plan which could be approved Monday by a bankruptcy judge is going to sting the CalPERS fund.
  4. I made it to 4:44 PM today. I can't stay awake any longer at this wi-fi cafe. I have to go to sleep now. Will have to settle for sidewalk.
  5. It's a Saturday like this that I used to do things like perform at Venice Beach before I became a sleep deprived zombie who can't function.
  6. For all my blogging, tweeting and three council meetings a week, right now, this minute, I have never been worse off or more desperate. Nice
  7. Clintons made Villaraigosa invest PENSION MONEY in shady Henry Cisneros housing projects. Pension fund lost $7 BIL last year. This is how.
  8. In '95 Villar appoint Wetherly attorney W. Jackson to CRA as Chair. Wetherly controls pension board. Pension board invests in CRA projects.
  9. Simon was a client of Wetherly's at the same time they were behind Davis for Gov. Wetherly's Julio Ramirez was in charge of the Simon fund.
  10. When Gov Gray Davis wanted challenger Bill Simon silent on water crisis during '02 election, Wetherly started $100 mil fund for Simon!
  11. When Vivendi needed a CRITICAL meeting with Gov Gray Davis, Wetherly Capital was able to make that happen. Just needed 42,000 acres, first!
  12. The Clintons Henry Cisneros Andrew Cuomo Ron Burkle Darius Anderson Dan Weinstein Julio Ramirez William H. Jackson Antonio Villaraiogsa CRA
  13. I'm told Clinton is top U.S. "bag man" for De Beers with Ron Burkle under him. Weinstein/Wetherly, Anderson/Yucaipa also grease elections.
  14. ROOT OF CORRUPTION: De Beers controls elections by financing a few U.S. "bag men" who use money to back candidates in elections like yours!
  15. If you wonder why Zuma Dogg blames the DWP water crisis and rate hike on Gray Davis, Vivendi and Wetherly Capital, DO MORE RESEARCH LIKE ZD!
  16. REMEMBER: June ist DWP "mandatory conservation" pricing goes into effect because Gray Davis, Vivendi and Wetherly Capital behave criminally.
  17. Speaking of Pay-To-Play: Did you read my post about City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo? Is it possible 100% of city attorney contracts are PTP?
  18. STATE & FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS: If you would like to hear about Wetherly Capital "Pay-To-Play" with Vivendi & then Gov Gray Davis, call ZD..
  19. Zuma Dogg, you are great, man. Keep it going. I sense the momentum. You've got some balls and it's fun to watch.[See ZD's reply Tweet below]
  20. Please do not tell me that good things are coming my way for all the "whatever" it is that I have done. That's just to make YOU feel good.
  21. I wonder if Zuma Dogg's story includes any relief from the streets, or is just a story of down slide that ends quietly on the street one ...
  22. @dto510 "Yes, you have to be an attorney and a several-year member of the state bar to run for AG." That SUCKS! What a bunch of BS! (LOL!)
  23. Obama needs to print up more money so Richard Alarcon and Los Angeles City Council can funnel it into risky crony projects that go bankrupt.
  24. I see emails piling up in my email box. Unless it has something specific in the subject field about "eating or sleeping" I'll read it later.
  25. Do you actually have to BE an attorney to be CA Attorney General? I hope not. If not, I want to run for CA AG so I can go after corruption.
  26. ZUMA DOGG for California ATTORNEY GENERAL: I will investigate and prosecute pension corruption & City Attrny Rocky Delgadillo's Pay-To-Play.
  28. JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW, I am homeless and starving and broke, DO NOT CONTACT ME WITH YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY PLEASE! What do you want from me?
  29. I'm getting inundated with too much information this morning. NONE of it ANYTHING good for me. Don't bother me with other people's shit.
  30. Anyone know about Lennar (Darius Anderson) and Newhall Ranch debacle, in which CalPERS lost A BILLION DOLLARS? Should Darius be in prison?
  31. I am up way too early again. Does anyone have anything for my burning eyes? I am at Venice Beach today if you can buy me breakfast/lunch.
  32. LAUSD says summer school is canceled! Among problems, kids will graduate later/less competitive internationally. System must admit failure.

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