Monday, June 15, 2009

72 Hour Notice To Los Angeles City Council From Zuma Dogg Regarding This Blog (And Their Required Reading of It!)

PUBLIC NOTICE TO LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL: The people are tired of hearing you use the lame excuse that you didn't know or had no way of foreseeing something, when Zuma Dogg is blogging warnings all along, while it is happening, chronicling everything you are doing wrong. And this blog is putting stories into the Top of the U.S. BNN ranker, and everyone reads this blog, and you are always in violation of the recommendations posted here, and then you end up being sued. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER:

Whereas, city council is too dumb for the city's own good, and too lazy to do anything about it; and Whereas Zuma Dogg is busy enough doing the research and blogging and meeting attending, you cannot reasonably expect him to notify you of posts via voice mails, emails or live appearances, each and every time. But clearly, you need to be required to read what everyone else is reading when you are making all the mistakes being blogged about here and have driven the city into the ground, losers.

So therefore and hereas and because I say so; from here on in, it is up to the members of Los Angeles City Council to be responsible for checking into this blog no less than once every 24 hours.

IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY YOU OF VITAL POSTS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING IT YOURSELF. I have made a subscription link available so it can be emailed directly to you each day. YOU HAVE BE SERVED WITH PROPER NOTIFICATION AND I EXPECT COMPLIANCE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THIS POSTING ALONG WITH MUCH MORE FOLLOWING OF WHAT IS BEING SAID HERE. You have clearly demonstrated with the "bankruptcy protection" item from last week that Los Angeles Magazine has another "FAILURE" issue to publish.

Remember City Council: I am way better known in this city than any of you are, except for maybe a couple that are better known for being hated. And the people that know us both, like me better than you, and I have more credibility with the public after three years of you making me right on a day to day basis through your inept and dumb decision making processes.

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