Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The "B" Word (BANKRUPTCY) Makes An Appearance on Los Angeles City Council Agenda, Today

The item was deferred, but Ladies and Gentlemen, the City of Los Angeles presents for the first time, the issue of "bankruptcy" appeared on the agenda today for the first time, in a long line of Zuma Dogg, "I told you so's!"

Don't be alarmed, yet...they are talking about filing yet, just concerned about an ASSembly bill which would make it harder for Antonio Villaraigoas and Spineless ASSociates, Inc. (The Mayor and Clowncil) to file for bankruptcy protection.

Let me guess, their position will be that they are AGAINST making it harder to decalre bankrputcy over the way just drove the city into the ground. They probably deferred it because I had a public comment card on the item and hoped I wouldn't be there for next time.

OR, maybe they decided it wouldn't be too good for the bond rating and overall investment in the city to be talking about "bankruptcy" options on citywide television?

But the real issue here is that let's face it, this ain't a good sign and is the first bit of grafitti writing on the wall.

ITEM NO. (26) - Motion Required

CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION (PARKS - ZINE) relative to the City's position on AB 155 which would restrict the ability of cities from petitioning for bankruptcy protection.

Recommendation for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE CONCURRENCE OF THE MAYOR:

ADOPT the accompanying RESOLUTION to include in the City's 2009-10 State Legislative Program OPPOSITION to AB 155 which would restrict the ability of cities from petitioning for bankruptcy protection.

Community Impact Statement: None submitted. [OH, Zuma Dogg will tell you about the community impact, bitches and bitchettes! That's ALL I'll be tellin' yo' azzes!]

(Rules and Government Committee waived consideration of the above matter) [Because all the rules must have been waived when it came to pension investments, and everything else you screwed up -- so now we will be declaring bankruptcy.

SIDEBAR: Ms. Greuel and Mr. Dogg break three year silence and speak to each other at City Council meeting! Zuma Dogg was shocked today as a three year I.C.O. moritorium Wendy Greuel imposed on herself against speaking with Zuma Dogg (outside calling him to the podium and admonishing him on LIVE TV during public comment for illegal reasons that do not require admonishing) by encroaching L.A. City's best-know and most beloved public icon to chit-chat about some of the things Zuma Dogg has been passively addressing. Mainly, Wendy wanted to try and clarify that Andrew Cuomo was investigating Dan Weinstein and Wetherly Capital and they were not at all on the same team (to paraphrase).

Then, the part I can't believe I had the nerve to actually say to her, I said, "I know, and Dan and those people are probably in trouble...but you know me...I was hoping the mayor would get in trouble over this and it doesn't look like it now.

She told me that Andrew Cuomo actually started her out in government work (politics) and so I can see why she would be fundraising for him, even though I do not like that the Councilmember title appeared on the invitiation. I told her I was concerned about some ethical issues regarding Mr. Cuomo's performance. And of course she quickly moved off that issue and told me that he is a real pitbut, which maybe she was saying to try and give me a "wink wink" that he might take care of some corrupted trash in Los Angeles piled up near Wilshire and San Vicente area.

So although I still don't like the whole situation and feel Wendy didn't understand the nature of my frustration, understandbly so, but I said, "You know what, you addressed the issue with me and so Andrew gave you your first break and you go way back so that's why you fundraised for him, so I'll move onto the next issue, thanks."

And as she turned and walked away she said, "He's a pit bull." I added, "So are you, Wendy!" (I meant that in a good way as someone who is about to become controller.)

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