Friday, June 19, 2009

City Controller-elect Wendy Greuel (of Team Villaraigosa) To Back Chris Essel (Of Paramount) For City Council District 2 & More City Hall Street Talk)

Everyone says she is so nice, and everyone loves her and she's very well organized as a person and when she came to City Council chambers for a "Presentation and Proclamation" one random Friday, Zuma Dogg commented, "Wow, I've never seen so much kissing up in my life!"; so it is no surprise that Los Angeles City Controller-elect Wendy Greuel is backing Paramount's Chris Essel for City Councilmember in the upcoming CD 2 election.


Now some people know underneath the legendary, larger than life gruff and tough image of Zuma Dogg, he's really a softie, at least at the starting line. So when I hear she is so nice and everyone loves her, I stop...collaborate and listen, before I go into auto-bash mode.

BUT, the fact that Wendy Greuel is backing her says to me she is also the Villaraiogsa candidate, INDIRECTLY. You see, word on the street is that L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will be backing ASSemblyman Paul Krekorian (another guy who I hear is just so nice and very swell and no one has anything bad to say about him, on a personal level, just politically. But word on the street is that Villaraigosa will be backing Krekorian; and now the announcement here on Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog that Greuel will use her position to fund raise and campaign for Chris Essel.

Zuma Dogg operates under the premise that Team Villaraiogsa has Team Greuel under his office, as well. Chris Essel is Antonio Villaraigosa's LAX Airport commissioner appointment.

AND, HERE IS THE PART ZUMA DOGG DOES NOT LIKE: Although "Everybody Loves Chris" has people saying how swell she is, I wonder if those people know what Zuma Dogg knows and feels the way Zuma Dogg feels about the CRA? Zuma Dogg calls them "Community Robbing A-holes" and feels they are only about the biggest problem plauging the City of Los Angeles.

Chirs Essel was the founding Chairperson of the CRA. So if they are evil, how sweet can she really be? Hopefully, she left cause she couldn't take the evil, evil nature of the agency and hopefully did not want to be part of their evil, evil operations.

So that's what I will be discerning. Because being from the CRA as their first Chairperson is almost as bad as an endorsement from Fabian Nunez.

John Shallman, who recently ran Carmen Trutanich's campaign has taken on Chris Essel from Paramount, The CRA and LAX Villar-Commissioner as a client.

So it looks like Team Villaraiogsa will running Krekorian's campaign with Antonio backing Paul's campaign and his gal Wendy Greuel of Team Villaraigosa (all part of a much bigger team) will be backing Chris Essel.

So either way, the mayor gets one of his people in there to keep his majority lock on city council.

JULY 1, 2009 INAUGRATION UPDATE: Looks like the only person Antonio Villaraigosa can get to swear him in at this point would be one of his own family members. So look for his cousin Mary Lou Villar to swear him in because she is a Superior Court Judge appointed by CA Governor Arnold Recallenegger.

Speaking of re-call...I CANNOT believe they are already talking about an immediate re-call campaign on Paul Koretz if he hires Rich Llewellyn as his Chief of Staff. I was hoping he WOULD be hired, simply from the angle of getting him out of Nuch's (City Attorney-elect Carmen Trutanich's) office. (Don't need Llewellyn AND Jennifer Krieger doing the same job in the City Attorney's office.) BUT, I am asked, "Zuma, don't you know about Rich Llewellyn?" Man, people don't want him as C.O.S. Looks like my amigo Paul is gonna have one of "those" kind of terms.

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