Thursday, June 11, 2009

Commissioner Overturns Taco Truck Parking Law and other Important Los Angeles City Business News

Cadiz water deal was all wet the last time

Keith Brackpool's latest plan to tap 'surplus' Colorado River water for the Southland had been rejected in 2002. Now he's got some powerful backing.

People who say that nothing's harder to get rid of than a bad penny must never have met Keith Brackpool.

California nears financial "meltdown" as revenues tumble

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California's government risks a financial "meltdown" within 50 days in light of its weakening May revenues unless Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers quickly plug a $24.3 billion budget gap, the state's controller said on Wednesday.

Executives draw huge salaries at L.A. nonprofit drug treatment center

Experts say the massive pay and side profits earned by Tarzana Treatment Center's board and managers are 'anathema' to the mission of charitable organizations.

In an industrial zone a few blocks off the 101 Freeway, the Tarzana Treatment Center relies on government contracts and nonprofit tax status to serve drug addicts in poverty or trouble with the law.

L.A. taco trucks can stay parked for business

A city of Los Angeles law that restricted how long mobile food vendors could stay in one place has been overturned by a court commissioner.

A court commissioner has nixed a Los Angeles law that cracked down on how long taco trucks and other food coaches could stay open up for business.

City of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Policy According to ZD (Part 1):

With LA Times doing a recent story on the emergence of Medical Marijuana dispensaries, which have seen a dramatic increase in number of locations opening recently, Los Angeles City Council once again, has to try and put a genie back in the bottle, once it has become an 800 lb gorilla genie in the chambers.(See Clear Channel billboards.)

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