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Did "Cuomo Witness Controversy" Post Trigger Attention of Top "International Crisis Expert" In Hopes of Preventing Illegal Military Weapons Transfer?

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 08, 2014 BLOGGER'S UPDATE: Though intro passage may be compelling L.A. political soap opera reading (and DOES provide some background), out of respect for your time; scroll down to THIS PART, " New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Pay-To-Play Indictment IN JEOPARDY Over Key Witness Controversy" -- if you just wanna get right to it: 

SOME BIG LEVEL PENSIONGATE INFO CONTAINED IN THIS POST: (Not for you typical local L.A. activist.) 

Taking things from the top, my name is Zuma Dogg from Los Angeles, CA. Three years ago, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, but more specifically, the people he surrounds himself with, took away my income and now my "life" by enforcing an illegal, unconstitutional law, that was eventually overturned by a Federal judge, proving we were right all along, and Zuma Dogg never should have even made his first trip Downtown, ever, to discuss the matter during the public city council meeting, which is on the record and broadcast on Time Warner cable, twelve times a week.

Recently, Zuma Dogg has become increasingly miffed by Villaraigoas's political machine, with newly added emphasis on Wendy Greuel, which has "Awakened the Zuma Within" on a newly discovered VillarGreuel political ally...NO, not the IBEW, silly...ANDREW CUOMO all the way over there in New York.

So if you want to take down the Villaraigosa/Greuel political machine (now that Jack Weiss is no longer riding in the getaway car with his two former allies and endorsers), you gotta expose Andrew Cuomo, too. And part of my goal, is to make Andrew and even Bill Clinton aware of the shenannigans here in L.A. under Doucheairagosa, so Andrew calls up and tells VillarGreuel blog-spinning trolls to remember the political operative "rules of the game."

Just like with gangs these days, these young punks have no respect for "rules of the game."

So I had to "GO BIG" to capture Andrew's attention, and try and scare him away from Antonio and Wendy, because they are all in on it together, and are using each other to help lift each other up and over the wall to try and help Bill and Hillary Clinton try to continue to "achive their dream" ($$$/power) without having the luxury of the White House and Oval Office as they are achieving it. (A comprimised dream, but a master plan still worth carrying out, even if you have to do it around Obama's back.)


It appears as though Zuma Dogg may have attracted the attention of former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator, member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years (1986 -- 2000) and co-case agent for TERRSTOP (the Blind Sheik Case – Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman) and the TWA Flight 800 Catastrophe and lead Crisis Negotiator for the New York City Division of the FBI, Chris Voss.

And without revealing my sources, I am here to say that Mr. Voss most likely became aware of this blog, and hit his radar over THIS CONTENT:

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Pay-To-Play Indictment IN JEOPARDY Over Key Witness Controversy

Chairman of IMG Artists, 47 year old Barrett Nathaniel Wissman, is the key witness and, as Kenneth Lovett of the New York Daily News reports, is known as John Doe 1 in the New York state Indictment and as Individual A in the related SEC Indictment. Wissman has a major role in this corruption scandal according to the indictments. It is now known that, in a plea agreement for cooperation and being an informant against former partners, clients, and other fund managers, Wissman made a deal with the AG's office where he plead guilty to a felony and a misdemeanor and agreed to pay $12 million over a specified period.

This plea agreement is obviously better for Wissman than the potential criminal sentencing that he is facing not including the new potential charges of conspiracy to commit treason.

Wissman is the 95% owner of IMG Artists, a management company for classical musicians, opera stars, and special events. Wissman is also a long time partner in many investments with businessman and Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark K. Hunt. Hunt is the son of Lamar Hunt founder of the American Football League and grandson of oil man H.L. Hunt.

Wissman's ownership of IMG Artists is held by W Artists, LLC. W Artists is owned by an offshore entity located in Jersey (Channel Islands). It is believed that Wissman does most of his business through offshore trusts and other entities in order to avoid US Income Taxes, part of Plaintif's First Amended Original Petition in Harris County & Texas, Case No. 2002-65222 EOS Partners, LP, et al., v. Novo Networks, Barrett Wissman, Clark K. Hunt, et. al. Wissman and Hunt, previously residents of Dallas, Texas, relocated a principal part of their business to Nevis and St. Croix and declared residents of St. Croix for a significant period as a tax avoidance scheme. (You can lose a football franchise over something like this, I have been told.)

This tax avoidance tactic is presently under review by the Federal Government as it is alleged that they did not meet the business employment or days in residence requirement. Sources close to Wissman have noted that Wissman is in the process of obtaining a Dubai passport. It has been alleged that Wissman and his Russian wife plan to relocate outside of the United States and have no intention of paying the $12 million plea arrangement.

The AG Cuomo and the SEC indictments allege that the pay-to-play corruption conspiracy scandal reaches the highest levels of business and politics. Wissman has allegedly profited in the millions of dollars and has orchestrated the placement of the New York State Common Retirement Fund (NYSCRF) in the investment of over $1 billion. Many of the financial world's top investment managers were clients of Wissman along with indicted Henry "Hank" Morris. The two allegedly did business and shared placement fees for investments by NYSCRF in such investments managers including: The Carlyle Group, Consulting Services Group (CSG), Aldus Equity, Clessidra Fund, Quadrangle, Mezzacappa Management, Clinton Group, Pacific Corporate Group (PCG) CapitalPartners, and Access Capital Advisors.



The new reports of Wissman’s conspiracy to commit treason are presently in the hands of the office of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, but the office has not yet acted considering the damage these reports would do to their case. It is now known that the following memo has been put before senior staff at the office of the AG;

I am writing to you concerning an urgent matter. I have learned that the Chairman of IMG Artists, Barrett N. Wissman is involved in an unlawful transfer of restricted military technology, including a violation of both United States and Israel International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The restricted military technology in question is discussed in further detail below. I believe that transferring this restricted military technology in violation of law may negatively impact the United States, our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, and Israel.
As described more fully below, the Chief Executive Officer of IMG Artists, XXXXX, telephone number XXXXX, and the Chief Financial Officer of IMG Artists, XXXXX, telephone number XXXXX, have already refused the directive of Mr. Wissman to sign the relevant documentation that is required to transfer the restricted technology. This documentation requires the signor to fully certify the end user. Both XXXXX and XXXXX are prepared to cooperate with the relevant federal authorities. They are also fully prepared to provide sworn affidavits and testify as necessary including as a witness in federal court.
Wissman has arranged a quid pro quo that, in exchange for arranging this illegal transaction, Sheik Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will invest over $100 million in one or more of Wissman’s companies. It is believed that after the Sheik obtains possession of the restricted military equipment, he intends to transfer it to Chinese authorities. It is also believed that once the Chinese obtain this technology, they will reverse engineer it, use it at will and/or transfer it to Iran as well as others. Wissman has made multiple trips to the UAE and China in an effort to arrange this unlawful transfer.
Wissman has conspired with the Sheik to illegally acquire the restricted military technology from the Camero Company of Israel. The technology that Wissman is attempting to illegally acquire and transfer is known as the Xaver 800 High Performance, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance). The device is a portable, high performance sensor system, optimized for gathering instant and accurate real-time information from behind solid walls. The Xaver 800’s superior object resolution provides information about room dimensions and major infrastructure elements as well as a quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers. The technology tracks the movement patterns of people to support differentiation between victims and hostiles. This Camero technology requires evidence of the end user and is restricted from sale to the UAE 2 by both Israel and the United States. I have attached more information of the Camero Company and the Xaver 800.
Wissman’s first attempt to obtain the technology was by acquiring it from the UK Distributor, the Pilgrims Group. Wissman directed XXXXX, XXXXX, and XXXXX (Chief Counsel of IMG Artists) to receive and sign for the technology when delivered. They became very suspicious and refused to sign for the technology when Wissman was not able to provide a legal end user.
Now, knowing that LA Daily Blog hit Mr. Voss' radar, within 24 hours of posting the above content, it would lead me to believe it was this post that captured his attention, and not the clip of Zuma Dogg singing, "I Will Always Love You" LIVE from inside the library. (ZD's #1 "most requested" comedy clip of all time, surpassing even "Gene Simmons Mask" and "Fun to Sing Like Steve Perry" clips.)

So knowing that Mr. Voss is in the "International Affairs industry" that includes "prevention through disruption" (if I may paraphrase), and in this case the "disruption" would be of a transfer of restricted military technology in violation of law as described above...maybe that would be something worth disrupting through prevention. And in this case the prevention may end up disrupting an Attorney General's office and possibly election chances.

Here's an excerpt from Voss' bio that leads my paranoid and sleep deprived, and oh yeah; narcassistic and delusional mind to such possible conclusions: "Therefore disrupting their kidnapping operations through disruptive negotiation techniques is a strategy that can be effective in disrupting terrorism."

CLICK HERE FOR YouTube of Chris Voss and more.

Here is some more material pertaining to the strategies and applications of Mr. Chris Voss of Black Swan. And remember, Mr. Voss' whole game now is consulting corporations and business how to "negotiate" and make sure the negotiation sticks. Which is what Antonio and the unions need now. So that is why I am including some "how the clock was made" info in addition to just telling you what time it is. (In other words, if I am interested in this material as City Hall related blogger, maybe you will enjoy it, too. (If not, simply scroll to next post.)


"A more direct risk as a result of economic instability is workplace violence. In one French town, a company closed a plant and left workers with few protections, inciting a riot and a state of civil unrest in the town. With more forethought and consideration of the employees, the company could have headed off such a backlash."

"The biggest this is knowing when the answer is NOT a yes. And a lot of people like the sound of "yes" so much, that as soon as they hear something that sounds like yes, then they try to move as quickly past it as they can, because they think they have a solid yes. And knowing when "yes" is really a "maybe" is a HUGE issue."

Mr. Voss' contention is that what he learned from Jim Camp’s book “Start With No” blended easily with what the FBI was doing in its negotiation program and was an important influence in developing new strategies for that program. Voss contends that the principles of hostage and kidnapping negotiation are directly applicable to business negotiation. He states that kidnappers run their operations as a form of a "business", albeit an illegal business, and as such are governed by basic business principles. Negotiation tactics that disrupt businesses will disrupt kidnapping operations. If a terrorist or criminal gang conducts a kidnapping, they have an expectation of receiving revenue in the form of a ransom within some expected time frame. If the time frame is continually extended beyond their expectations then the ransom victim becomes a form of inventory that is difficult to "turn over" and therefore undesirable. Since the business has a "sunk cost" in this "inventory" they will not discard it, but will continue to bargain for until it is "sold". Their long-term reaction will either be to avoid this type of "inventory" (meaning they will avoid kidnapping this type of person) in the future or change businesses.
Many terrorist organizations use kidnapping as a source of funding. Therefore disrupting their kidnapping operations through disruptive negotiation techniques is a strategy that can be effective in disrupting terrorism. Since kidnapping negotiation is a form of business negotiation, Voss contends that savvy kidnapping negotiators would be talented business negotiators. Voss contends business negotiators can learn a great deal from the kidnapping negotiation process. Interestingly enough, He also contends that people who negotiate on the behalf of kidnapping victims have to form an effective working relationship with their criminal counterparts. The agreement with the kidnapper is effectively a "contract", yet there is no recourse for enforceability. The agreement itself has to be negotiated through a process wherein the process makes the agreement meet all requirements of "durability". If this contention is true, then these strategies have tremendous application to business. Increasing the durability of agreements, or negotiating them in ways which ensures that they will be performed upon would reduce or eliminate costs associated with renegotiating contracts or the legal fees associated with filing lawsuits in an attempt to enforce contracts." [THE CITY OF L.A. SHOULD HIRE THIS GUY!]
A more direct risk as a result of economic instability is workplace violence. In one French town, a company closed a plant and left workers with few protections, inciting a riot and a state of civil unrest in the town. With more forethought and consideration of the employees, the company could have headed off such a backlash.

From company profile:

International Affairs industry

BLACK SWAN utilizes a synthesis of deal making and negotiation strategies developed during international crisis situations. These strategies have been adapted for the business world in order to produce durable agreements under intense and difficult circumstances..

Our consultants are seasoned former law enforcement negotiators who have spent significant amounts of time on the front lines of negotiation. Additionally, they have demonstrated they are accomplished instructors committed to the success of their students.

Our consultants understand the distinction between academic theoretical instruction and the requirements of the real world. Our training provides a systematic framework for analysis and concrete methods for implementation.


BLACK SWAN is a strategic development advisory firm that focuses on negotiation. The CEO was the FBI's lead international kidnapping negotiator and now teaches international business negotiation at Harvard University. They help businesses survive, grow and thrive by applying the lessons of hostage negotiation to the business world.
Because there is always leverage!
(That's the Black Swan and Zuma Dogg motto!)

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