Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Getting Nasty in L.A. City Council Chambers Now That Jackass Weiss Is Still Yappin' His Dumb Trap (As If He WON, Instead of Lost!)

Frankly, I don't need a lecture from YOU on how to make public policy." - CM Janice Hahn to Jack Weiss during today's council meeting.

It's getting ugly at the council meetings as all hell is breaking loose and Jack Weiss is still around. A lot of hoopla over a PLUM project and I guess Ed "Dummy" Reyes took some heat in what Jack Weiss called a "food fight" and lectured council on the future and how they should operate.

SORRY JACKASS, you couldn't win your seat back, and you lost City Attorney. NO ONE WANTS YOU. How about sit down and shut up. Ya feel me, dough? On the realest, son...YOU'RE DONE. Now walk off into the sunset with your mouth SHUT. You didn't say shit for years unless it was for your city attorney campaign which you lost, so again: STFU, son!

Oops. Janice "I'm Smart Like My Brother" Hahn is so used to voting "yes" automatically, without even thinking...that when she finally wanted to vote "no" on something...she forgot to press her "no" button (if you do not press the button, it automatically votes, "yes"), so it registered a "yes" vote. So Hahn had to ask for her vote to be changed. HOWEVER, since it would change the outcome (her "yes" vote to a "no" vote) since the ordinance required a "unanimous" vote on the first reading.

However, due to time constraints it would have messed everything up...I don't know...she ended up just leaving it alone, but what an airhead. ALL THAT JIBBER-JABBER AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN VOTE THE WAY YOU WANTED TO. WHY EVEN BOTHER SHOWING UP?

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO: “I'm talking to YOU, Ms. Hahn,...”

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